Guest Post by Loren Jessica: Wedding Guest Dressing Tips

Some of Sherry’s avid readers, Twitter followers or Instagram onlookers may have realised that she tied the knot recently! Of course a huge congratulations takes place but it also brings me on to some wedding guest dress stories I have to tell.

I can kindly thank Sherry and Ben for having us there to help them celebrate their special day and can honestly say I will never forget it. I took plenty of photos and shot videos of the speeches and short snippets of everything surrounding us, including the exceptional details that Sherry had thought about.

These details I thought about throughout the day until one of them crept up and bit me in the ass. My white jacket! That’s right. The morning of the wedding I realised it was raining, it was probably cold outside and I only had on a strappy dress. Grab a jacket I thought, you’ll be fine. It was probably half way through the ceremony after the beautiful bride had walked past I thought what an absolute rude biatch I looked actually turning up in a white jacket.

I had not at all even thought about my decision before walking out of the house as I am an adult now and need a jacket and this was my one and only thought at the time apparently. Of course this would never have been done out of spite and some of you are certainly reading this thinking “what on earth? It’s a jacket” yet unfortunately for some brides this would have been an issue. Luckily I have the bestest of friends and Sherry’s only comment was “I love your jacket”.

She’s a sweetheart for sure but I have heard a previous horror story where a bride asked the guests to wear a certain colour. A guest close to the bridal party wore something completely different and I don’t want to know the wife-husband conversation that followed.

It was then at my own wedding that someone asked my opinion. A guest attending our wedding day had ordered a dress that came slightly creamer and less floral than it seemed to be in the images. The lovely lady then enquired if it was ok for her to wear, sent me a picture and said she would happily change the outfit if I wasn’t happy. Of course, I made her change.


I was not going to make her choose a new outfit but I still think asking my views was adorable and incredibly thoughtful. There wasn’t a moment where I worried what colour or style everyone at my wedding was going to wear and I honestly wouldn’t have minded if they wore a completely white dress as long as everyone was smart for the photos, smiling and not naked.

To keep it completely safe at the weekend I chose to go for a coloured dress. For the wedding of Sherry and Ben I wore a dusky pink dress with silver shoes and a perfectly matched pink bag.

Now I am not saying here that you have to ask the bride what to wear (unless you are a bridesmaid) or that you have to match the colour scheme. I’d like to simply put it out there, having been a bride and wedding guest, maybe think about your outfit. Including the last minute jacket!

Loren x

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