Hen Party Shenanigans

I feel like i’d been waiting so long for this weekend to roll round but oh man, was it worth the wait!

I had the flu the day before we were due to depart however, which is just my luck, and so all packing was practically left until Friday morning. I had all the essentials though you know, my dresses, sixty pairs of heels and a bottle of gin – that’s all you need right?

Anyway, I’m picked up at midday and driven to… Manchester where I’d be spending the weekend in a beautifully decorated house near Fallowfields.

Manchester hen party house Scandinavian apartment

Manchester hen party house Scandinavian apartment

Manchester hen party house Scandinavian apartment

Manchester hen party house Scandinavian apartment rose gold balloons

Friday Afternoon/Evening

I don’t think we properly accounted for the school finishing time so we ended up stuck in traffic, eating into our getting ready time. It was a quick dash to get changed when we evetually got through the door and we were back out again heading for mystery activity number one – a cocktail masterclass at The Alchemist.

I wore my new Victoria Beckham pink shift dress with rabbit detail collar and a pair of strappy white heels I found that morning in Matalan for just Ā£12 – bargain

Bellinis aside (I didn’t think they tasted very nice – sorry!) We each made three cocktails (and drank them) although I always ended up with the extra one the bartender made – I was pretty tipsy I won’t lie and quite frankly, didn’t want the night to end just there and so we jumped into a pink Pretty Little Thing can and headed to Lola Lo for another drink.

When I was finally dragged away from the flamingos and tiki statue, we got back to the house and ordered pizzas before I had to answer a set of questions about Ben. I did pretty well scoring a whopping 72% – which meant I got to dispense the dares rather than do them! Phew!

Saturday Day

Up early and raring to go and make fools of ourselves in Manchester’s very own version of ‘It’s A Knockout!’ completed by me wearing a pair of bright green shamrock print leggings!

Six inflatable games were being eyed up by the six other teams we were competing against that day. A few other hen parties, a 50th birthday, a stag do and a group of very annoying girls who took it a bit too far – they got their cummupance at the end though!

Beer goggles on and we’re kicking softballs into the back of an inflatable net – a lot harder than it sounds! I dressed up as a giant and ran a course (falling over twice much to the enjoyment of my hens!) and bringing a win back with me. We were by far the best team in the penguin egg round where they all had to pass the egg between their legs to me (the penguin) to place in the nest – we got double points on that one.

The other three obstacles involved water – one where you had to wear a helmet and carry a pint of it across five inflates hurdles, another where you had to throw sponges over the top of the castle to fill up your bucket (which we were absolutely terrible at (I’m looking at you Heather!)) And the last one (which we didn’t even compete in) was rope climbing (bare foot) up a giant inflatable slide covered on freezing cold water and bubbles – it was minus degrees outside anyway with the snow and I already had the flu so that was a no from me.

After the awards we came back home, had a gin and started getting ready for the big night out!

Saturday Night

I had my makeup done by one of my bridesmaids, Emma, who helped make me feel like a million dollars – bloody love what she did to my face – even though it’s ended up costing me a fortune buying all the products she used on me!

I wore my Jarlo dress which I had altered by my friend Loren’s mum and I adored it. It made me feel so glamourous and classy in conparison to how slutty it was before.

Another one of my bridesmaids, Hannah, curled my hair for me and I pinned it back a but with some volume to create an almost 1940’s Hollywood starlet style do – honestly – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so amazing or beautiful in all my life! I even had people coming up to me all night telling me how beautiful I looked!

We were off out for Thai food at Chaophraya which is somewhere I’d always wanted to visit. Me and my friend Becky shared the soft shell crab and prawn tempura to start along with the palm sugar and chilli chicken dish for our main which was enough food for about four people! Teamed with a couple of G&T’s before settling the bill and we were off out, into the night in Manchester!

We had a private area booked at Be At One and were given a bottle of bubbly upon arrival – I’ll be honest my bum never hit a seat from the moment we walked in there to the moment those that were left standing walked out. I had my dancing shoes on and had THE best time! We even got Leanne up and dancing.

My friends Jo and Chloe get supplying me with Jagerbombs and shots of tequila and heaven’s knows what else – their aim was to make me sick – they failed! I can drink and drink and drink and much to their surprise I didn’t wake up with a hangover either.

Four of us were left and after a snowy walk to McDonalds (where I devoured a hamburger, a chicken wrap and six chicken nuggets) we got back to the house at 4am!


I was up and eating waffles with a coffee at around 8:30 and started packing up to leave for 11. We we’re heading to Salford for brunch at Menagerie – what an incredible place! Emma was living her best life here and I must admit it was a pretty amazing place. She’s wrote a post all about her visit on her blog which you can read here.

My sister and I opted for a roast dinner and it was DIVINE! I’d highly recommend a visit. It was thanks to Emma for pointing out that it’s co-owned by one of the Real Housewives of Chesire and she regularly hosts her Forever Unique fashion shows there because – the place obviously has it’s own freaking catwalk!

The snow put a spanner in the works getting home so it took a bit longer but I couldn’t wait to get home and have a nice hot bath and see Ben!

Thanks to all my hens for a fantastic weekend. A lot of thought and effort went into making it great and I feel well and truly spoilt having such an amazing bunch of girls as my friends.

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