What I’ve Learnt Planning a Wedding So Far

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, in fact, looking back it’s actually pretty stressful. What when you run a blog, have a full time job, trying to make time for your friends and family and go to the gym… it’s a lot to add into the mix already. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning our special day and feel we’ve made all the right decision for what we want our day to be. But, here’s what no one tells you when you’re planning your big day:

You’ll go over your budget… massively… and on the most minor things.

There is so much to choose from when planning a wedding in every kind of category – be that a cake, table decorations, dresses, confetti – I mean who ACTUALLY CARES about the confetti? I spent a small fortune on nice packets of confetti for our guests to match the theme but at the end of the day… they literally end up dissolved into the group so there really is no point stressing (and spending lots of money) on the small things.

I will let you in on a little (well-known) secret though, Confetti is an absolute godsend as it houses every category of thing you could possible think of or want at your wedding. I’d highly recommend giving it a browse when you start planning for theme ideas or colour schemes. They have some beautiful items and ideas to help alleviate the stress of wondering what will go with what.

You really do need to book 12 months in advance.

Now, unless you are having a quick wedding and don’t mind not having the first, second or third photographer you had in mind – you’ll be fine. But, a word of warning, you want to book things with as much advance notice as possible. I found almost everything was already booked up around the time of our wedding – bear in mind we got engaged in December and booked our venue in January because it was already getting booked up in April/May! I’m talking photographers, cakes, suppliers, bands and DJ’s or other entertainment – get your quotes in quick! For venue inspiration, click here.

Dress shopping (for both you and your bridesmaids) is extremely emotional.

The first time I ever tried a wedding dress on, I cried. Not because it was the one but because I was actually doing this huge thing. It’s extremely overwhelming and even in the ugliest dress, you feel amazing because all that’s going through your head is that you’re finally able to marry your best friend. Then, when you find THE dress, you cry again and can’t stop thinking about it then you end up getting stressed about fitting in it and dieting and maintaining your weight and what might happen to the dress if it needs altering and it does wrong or the detail doesn’t match up. *AND BREATHE*

Then, depending on if / who / how many bridesmaids you have, you’ll find there is no ‘one size fits all’ (well, other than those multi-way ones but for me and ‘everything much match’ way – these were a no go!). Some colours don’t suit some people and neither will some styles, then you have the sizing, how comfortable they’ll feel about having things on show or tightness. Not everyone will be happy with your choices but in the end, they’re only wearing it for 8 hours. It’s tough because you may fall in love with a particular dress but 50% of your bridal party hate it and you’re back to square one… it’s hard!

The table plan really is a nightmare…

Who’d have thought there would be so much to think about when trying to seat people together. For instance, a lot of the friends within Ben’s circles know each other somehow so that’s relatively easy. Whereas mine – until this weekend – some won’t have ever met until that point and I can’t gauge how everyone will get on but I don’t want to put my friends on a table of strangers and they don’t have a good time.

Then equally, and I don’t know if this is just me being a control freak, trying to think of ease for the venue by putting people with allergies and/or dietary requirements close together so no one will die (slight exaggeration but depends how severe the allergy is!).

A handy tip is to use your RSVP cards and a large amount of floor space and start putting them into some sort of order. I found seeing it visually in some way, really helped me gauge where everyone is best seated and who to put with who and what tables next to each other.

You’ll stress over the smallest things.

And honestly, in the end, they won’t even matter and no one will know. If something is forgotten or something is missing, none of your guests are going to know any different (unless it’s your dress of course and your walking down the aisle in your Bride-To-Be pyjamas…) So my advice is simply to stress less. The main thing is you’re going to be marrying the love of your life and everyone is going to get drunk, eat great food and enjoy celebrating your marriage together. There’s nothing better than a room full of your family and friends and everyone you love – it doesn’t matter that you forgot the candelabras or the box to put your confetti in now does it.

With just six weeks to go, I’m getting super excited about our big day coming up and can’t wait to see it all come together.

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  1. I’m stressed out just reading this post! I can’t imagine the table planning… ugh, so much politics and potential drama! Good luck with everything.

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