Not long now…

I can’t believe this is my first wedding post of the year – I mean, I can, because I’ve been so busy planning it that I’ve not had the time to sit down and write about it.

It’s nearly here. Oh. Em. Gee. We’re about 2 1/2 months away from the big day and it’s starting to get really exciting, a little bit nerve-wracking and a whole heap of stressful. Ah, the table plan. It isn’t until one tries to put together the table plan that one starts to understand all those memes about it. *sobs into keyboard*

It’s not all bad though, I’ve been knuckling down on those little details. You know the ones no-one really notices but will look amazing on the photos when we get them back. Talking about photos – can I just tell you how incredibly happy I am with our photographer, James William Photography. He’s been so proactive visiting our venue on their open day to seek out the best places to take photos.

I’ve finally found my bridal jewellery too from a company called Lace & Favour. I’d not heard of Lace & Favour before but after taking a look at what they do, it’s a perfect one-stop-shop for the bride-to-be. They stock all kind of wedding related items from shoes and veils to jewellery and purses all at very good prices too. As my engagement ring and wedding ring are rose gold, it made sense to follow suit with the rest of my jewellery. This was easy to do by using the filter, enabling me to select ‘Rose Gold’ and see what was available. I had an idea in mind of what I wanted and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Ivory and Co Belmont Crystal Pendant Necklace* that also comes with matching Ivory and Co Belmont Crystal Drop Wedding Earrings*.

They both retail at £35 each so this stunning set is a steal at just £70. The thing I love most about these items is that they genuinely look more than they are worth. They’re perfectly dainty and glisten beautifully when the light hits them, which is exactly what I’m looking for. They’re thankfully not to weighty so I won’t have that lobe droop or any irritation around my neck throughout the day, I am really pleased with these and can’t wait to wear them with the whole ensemble in April.

They will blend well with the sparkle detail of the bridesmaid dresses too which is a bonus. I have this slight worry about things looking mismatched (mainly because I am slightly obsessed with coordination!) but I think these are elegant enough to not distract the eyes from the dress but ornate enough to be noticed as a whole.

I’ve never felt as excited as I do about our wedding, it’s going to be strange though, waking up the day after as a Mrs, as a wife, with a different last name. That’s a point that seems to be making it’s rounds on social recently, about taking the man’s name. I will be taking Ben’s name – in all honesty, with a surname like mine (and some of the things it rhymes with!), I’m looking forward to changing it! I have a brother so the family name will be able to live on. It will be weird though, seeing my name differently, having a new signature and having this whole new identity as Mrs C to get used to and live with.

Our notice has been given, we’re almost fully paid up with our suppliers and we’re counting down the days. I’m praying for good weather but, you never can tell with Britain. Even if it does rain (which I think an old tradition says is good luck anyway!) it’s going to be the BEST. DAY. EVER!

*Items marked with an (*) were gifted to me in exchange for a review/mention on my blog and social media. All images and opinions as ever, are my own.

3 thoughts on “Not long now…

  1. Your jewellery is gorgeous Sherry! It’s going to look perfect <3 I love reading your wedding updates so much and I can't wait to read any more you post. Our wedding is in November and reading about yours makes me feel even more excited about mine! 🙂

    Gemma xx
    The Gem Agenda

    1. I’ve just read yours and tried to comment then signal failed on the train!
      Im so excited to hear about your venue and how your whole day will pan out! Xx

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