Three Years of Sherry Scribbles

We’ve come a long, long way together…

Three years! THREE YEARS! This is by far the longest I’ve ever held a hobby for – and I’ve dabbled in a fair few. Wow. Just wow.

When I started this little online thingy-ma-bob, I’d never anticipated that it’d get this far. That it would lead me to where I am in life right now and give me the many opportunities it has. Never did I think after all those gruelling first few months of having absolutely no idea what I was doing, doing it anyway and not seeing any return. It was a set back – I won’t lie – and I started to question whether I was good enough for this blogging game. But passion persevered and Sherry Scribbles and Sherry in general (yes, I did just refer to myself in third person) is where it is today because of that.

My first post on this slice of the internet was a recipe post about Ham Hock, Brie and Pea parcels – a recipe post I want to remake and re-write because 1) they’re delicious and 2) that post is bloody awful! It makes it clear how far I’ve come looking back at my original posts, when I didn’t have a decent camera to take my photos on and I had this weird thing of putting them in a rounded square frame. How times have changed.

Not only have I invested money, I’ve invested a lot more time into my blog and built relationships with some amazing brands which only continue to grow. I’ve gone through the typical blogger niches and found one that suits – why did I think being a ‘beauty blogger’ was a good idea when I don’t know a thing about makeup?! However, that led me into talking about skincare – of which I am a huge advocate of. Beauty doesn’t rinse off guys!

I guess I’m still trying to find the ultimate spark here but I feel like we’re getting there. As each year passes I gain more and more followers and more and more views each month which is absolutely incredible to see. It makes me feel like I’m heading in the right direction but there is still work to be done.

I want to share a round-up of my proudest posts on Sherry Scribbles from over the past three years:

Learning To Be Brave | Giving The Gift Of Life

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Grand by Name, Grand by Nature

One for the dreamers, the intriguers and the not-so-keeners

#RoseGoldIsTheNewBlack – Monica Vinader at Covent Garden

It kind of goes without saying – and I know I say this every time – but if it wasn’t for you readers / followers / subscribers / likers etc. I wouldn’t be doing this. Well, maybe I would because I enjoy it but you guys make it much more worthwhile.

I’m not sure what the turning point between saying I’m a little / small blogger is but I feel bigger than ever with just under 25K collectively following along with Sherry Scribbles; be it on here or on my social media channels.

I hope you’ll all be sticking around as I’ve got some incredible things planned in my diary over the next few months already which I’m so excited to document, write about and review. My biggest brand collaboration to date and without giving too much away, one of the most expensive collaborations is coming up too!

Finally, let me leave this post with another thank you. I have found a passion, a desire, a motivation, an outlet, daily inspiration, a positive outlook and a need to succeed because of my blog. It feeds me and makes me yearn for bigger and better and enables me to improve daily as a person, a blogger and a business woman. If you hadn’t been here to help me grow, neither would I.

Thank you πŸ’•

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