5 things that made me happy in January

January is always seen as a miserable month, it takes ages for payday to arrive, the weather doesn’t quite know what it’s doing yet and you’re still trying to declutter from Christmas, but there are plenty of reasons to be happy even with all that going on so I’ve picked my top five things for this month.

1. Taking part in an exercise class and meeting Mr. Motivator.

As part of Nottingham’s first ever Wellness Week, I joined in the fun at the Nottingham Trent Students Union for a morning of yoga, feel-good fun and healthy goodies. It was an early start and I got caught in torrential downpour when I left but that didn’t put a dampener on my day (pun intended!). I left feeling pumped and ready to face the day and I genuinely feel like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’m very thankful I got to attend and take part.

2. I got dressed to the nines with my fiancé by my side for Burns’ Night in Edinburgh.

Ben and I had only ever been to Edinburgh once for Hogmanay a few years ago so it was great to have been invited to another event there with thanks to his job. I love getting dressed up (and love seeing Ben dressed up too!) – any excuse to buy a pretty dress! I managed to find an absolute bargain in Monsoon too – this silky blue number was £35 down from £169!

3. I met the Rt Hon Hilary Benn, MP.

I’ve never met an MP before as I’m not really interested in politics but I had the opportunity with work to meet Hilary Benn and enjoy afternoon tea with him whilst having a question and answer session. I’ve always has a perception of politicians that they’re a bit snooty and stuck up but he was actually really pleasant, had a laugh and you can tell how passionate he is about his job.

4. I achieved my target of reading two books throughout the months.

I started the month off with Sarah Millican’s How to Be Champion. I received this book from my friend Heather at Christmas – it’s an annual running theme for our gifts having went to one of her gigs a few years back. Whilst the book is EXTREMELY crude – I had a good giggle and actually took away some of her ingenious tips. I then moved onto Maria Hatzistefanis a.k.a Mrs Rodial’s How To Become and Overnight Success. Can I just say, this book has inspired and motivated me so much to do what I want to do and even allowed me to think up a number of other ideas I’d only ever dreamt of trying to pursue. If your mojo is lacking somewhat, spend a mere £7 on this book and you’ll be right back on track.

5. I received back one of the biggest collaborations I’ve ever had.

There is more to come on this but I actually had tears in my eyes when I received an email saying [the brand] thinks my blog is beautiful and they’d love to have me work on their latest campaign. I actually feel a little tingly writing this down and I can’t wait to share the content I’ve produced for them with you!

What’s made you happy this month?

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