Finding Your Own Personal Style

Finding your place in the world is hard enough but finding your own unique, comfortable style is even harder. You’ll no doubt see so many things in shops that you’re desperate to wear but you don’t think they’ll suit you. Just because you’ve never tried it before, doesn’t mean it won’t. 99% of the time it’s about the confidence rather than the clothes – you can own it with the right attitude. I always try to switch it up from time to time to try and find that perfect, personal style.

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It isn’t necessarily the easy, fast fashion style that’s the ultimate one for you, there are so many different options out there, you just have to be brave enough to try them. Having a personal stylist session might help you understand more about the shapes and colour palette that will suit you – TopShop  and John Lewis offer this service for free FYI! I want to share some of the ways I’ve been building my wardrobe and some of my favourite outfits.

Celebrities know everything there is to know about fashion. They have to be looking great and on trend all the time – granted they have the ability to afford a new outfit each day and it’s probably down to the help of a stylist behind closed doors – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some inspiration from what they’re wearing. I often ogle at the pages of Vogue and can only dream of walking the streets in Diane Von Furstenberg and Herve Leger dresses everyday. However, if you shop smart and know what to look for and where, there are some great alternatives available in shops and on the internet. I found a beautiful black, lace shirt dress that one of the candidates one The Apprentice was wearing simply by googling it and it was only £48.

I’ve been rekindling my love with Pinterest again (following a tantrum about hating all my clothes and outfits) and simply searched for some of the items I already own and looking at the images available. Seeing what others were teaming a pair of black, ripped, skinny jeans with or that khaki turtleneck has been a high eye-opener in how to put a casual, street style outfit together. Albeit, my bank account has took a slight beating so I could replicate some of these looks, but it’s been a massive help and a massive confidence booster for me.

I’ve been dying to find the perfect mustard coloured jumper for a while after seeing these amazing styles. It’s a simple yet striking outfit that looks effortless yet impactful. There are so many ways to style one up too that I never thought would be a possibility. You can wear black, blue, grey and white jeans, leather trousers, tuck it into a leather or pleated metallic skirt and team it with heels, trainers or Chelsea boots. Who’d have thought such an item could be so versatile? A mustard coloured jumper appears to be a must-have staple in the wardrobe right now.

The ‘chic’ look is something that’s held it’s ground in the fashion industry for years and probably will for many more to come. Chic derives from the French word, which means sophistication in dress and manner or quite simply, elegance. It’s the perfect mix of smart and stylish, whilst still being reserved. You can get some beautiful city chic tops that look perfect with a skirt or some jeans. Chic is about, being effortless, perfect coordination and oozing confidence via your outfit. I highly recommend the Capture Your Style by Aimee Song book to help you perfect the art of dressing ‘oh-so-chic’.

What is your personal style?

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