Investing in Designer Fashion and Why It’s a Good Idea

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to blow some of your hard earned cash on some very high-end pieces, then let me be the bearer of good news – designer fashion pieces are  not just about making a statement. They’re much more than simply making a frivolous purchase too if you do it the right way – they can be an excellent investment.

You see, not only are designer pieces (if you choose right) typically timeless and better made than average high street pieces; they can conceivably last you a lifetime with many items either retaining or increasing their value. This means you could very easily argue that buying a high-end designer item is a good investment.

Work Out Whether It’s Worth It

If you want designer clothing or accessories to represent a good investment then you need to work out what is worth it and what isn’t. This can be quite tricky as seasons and styles change so often but if you take into account the style, how ‘classic’ it is, the quality of the fabric, the stitching and lining and of course, the name of the designer, the you’ll have a pretty good idea whether it’s worth paying a little more for something as you’ll know you’ll get a good amount of wear out of it.

Research Resale Value

Most of the time, it wouldn’t be a viable option to take out an easy loan or max out your credit car to buy a designer handbag (and I don’t advocate this) but… if it’s a Hermes Birkin bag or some vintage Louis Vuitton luggage on a once in a lifetime offer, then that may be a very different story! Lots of designer pieces have a resale value that tends to go up over time so they’re then worth more than you actually paid for them.

If you’re unable to invest in the pieces that are likely to make you money, then it at least makes sense to choose pieces that have a high resale value. That way, you can have your fun with them and providing you look after them, once you’re done you can sell them on and get back a fair chunk of what you paid for them.

Take Care of your Purchases

If you do buy a pair of designer shoes, a high-end dress or a really expensive bag then it goes without saying that you should take extra special care of them. Read the care instructions provided and maintain their condition to ensure you can get plenty of use out of them. For instance, clean your shoes after each wear and place them back in their box. Use the dustbag provided with your bags and keep leather items out of sunlight so they don’t fade – this will ensure maximum resale value if they’re in the best possible condition. Plus, you’ve just spent all that money on them, you’re gonna want to keep them looking fresh!

Think Long-Term

It’s important that you think of luxury fashion as a long-term investment rather than a short one. You’re unlikely to make money on something you’ve just bought (unless perhaps it’s an extremely rare and desirable Birkin bag!) However, once that investment piece becomes ‘vintage’ – well, that’s when you’ll be quids in! It also means you’ll be able to enjoy the item for much longer too providing you’ve picked the right one, look after it properly and keep your eyes out for changes in the trends.

I hope this helps you to invest in that high price tag piece you’ve been thinking about… I’m off to buy that Chanel bag now!

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