What I’ve bought in the sales…

We all know January is a great time to buy the things you’ve been lusting after or the items you may not have found underneath your tree. I didn’t have a set list of things I wanted nor did I actually ask for anything in particular. I got a few vouchers and had saved a bit of money to splurge when the sales hit the stores.


I managed to pick up this gorgeous black jumpsuit from the Dorothy Perkins concession in Debenhams for just £20 using a voucher I had! I went in thinking I’d get myself something from the Benefit counter but instantly fell in love with it. It’s extremely flattering on and I felt amazing wearing it to one of our friends’ 30th birthday.

I’ve been eyeing up the red lace Mary-Lou dress from Whistles for about three months but didn’t think I could justify spending £195 on it with nowhere to wear it. When I popped into the shop to see if they had it in store, they had the black version at just £55 but not the red, however online it was available and so they ordered me one in and I picked it up next day. I also picked up my new favourite necklace which wasn’t in the sale but was only £25.

I bought some new all-white leather Converse online at John Lewis which I picked up from Waitrose next day (super handy; also deadly as I love Waitrose!) – a staple item that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They weren’t in the sale but for only £60, I couldn’t resist.

I’d spotted this handbag when Ben and I popped into Flannels looking for his wedding suit (I’d obviously got bored and wandered upstairs to the women’s section) and couldn’t stop thinking about it. That was on the Saturday and after looking at it several times online after that first initial meeting, I popped back in store and made the purchase. It’s a timeless piece that will literally go with every outfit. Say hello to my newest handbag addition, the Vivienne Westwood Opio Saffiano Tote. I thought it was £330 but was even more pleased when it was £100 off in the sale! It’s my new favourite handbag and a little ‘pat on the back’ to myself for my hard work on the blog last year.

I don’t normally go to Primark unless it’s for things I need but only for a short amount of time, like socks. I’d been in last month to buy thermals for Iceland and happened to walk past the pyjama section and saw some lovely sets and considering I only use pyjamas to lounge on the sofa with after I’m back and showered from the gym, they don’t need to be expensive. I found this lovely grey and white striped cotton shirt with matching trousers and shorts for just £6 each piece – a set for when it’s hot and a set for when it’s cold. They fit really well too, I assume they’re a little on the baggier side anyway being pyjamas but I picked up a size S (which is 6-8 in Primark) and they all fit lovely and are the right length everywhere. As well as being super soft, they look super cute too.


I’ve collected a few vouchers for John Lewis and had around £150 worth – I still have £100 left as I think I’ll save it for when we decide to move and buy cushions or something. With the other £50 though, I bought some Speiglau gin glasses which went into the sale for £18 down from £30. We don’t actually have room in the cupboard for all four of these so two of them are still living in the box in the under-the-stairs storage room until we have more space!

I managed to pick up a few items from T.K. Maxx in the sale such as these Nip+Fab Bee Sting Toner Wipes. They retail at £12.95 in the likes of Superdrug and Boots but I bagged them for just £6.99 – I have to say, so far I’m glad I didn’t buy them at full price as I don’t feel they are doing much for me. I certainly don’t feel as fresh and clean and prepped as I do simply using a cotton pad and micellar water. I shall persevere with them but I don’t think I’ll be making a repeat purchase.

So, I went a bit mad on the Rodial website and got collared into spending £101 to get the festive ‘free gift’ when you do. The free gift is worth £75 though if you purchased the items separately so who’s the real winner?! They still have this offer on at the moment by using the code FESTIVE at the checkout. I’ve been loving Rodial since I bought a couple of their Super Acids products and as I’m on a massive skincare hype at the moment, I thought it treat myself (again) to some luxury items for my face so I’m the beautiful, glowing bride I so want to be. In short I picked up the Dragon’s Blood Discovery Kit (£24.50) and the Heroes Collection Kit (£34.50) along with some other bits.

After watching Lydia Millen’s vlog following her wedding, she convinced me to buy the L’Oréal Clay Face Masks and of course, me being me, couldn’t just buy the one to try and instead went and bought them all. I found an amazing deal on Amazon though for four of the full size pots for just £25 including delivery which is great when they are £7.99 each. I had a £150 voucher for Amazon so this was a nice find on top of all my other bits and bobs. I’m yet to use them but I’ve heard nothing but good things. I’ll keep you posted.


There was a perfume I’d have liked to have seen underneath the tree but I didn’t actually mention it to anyone so I wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t there. I’d seen it in a lot of Lydia Millen’s vlogs and being a sucker for a pink, floral, girly scent, I just had to add it to my already very pink, floral and girly Arsenal. I found a 50ml giftset which also included a travel size roller ball version of Gucci Bloom for just £60 at The Fragrance Shop; considering the 30ml on its own is usually £52, I was pretty pleased with that find. I think the offer is only in store as I can’t see it online.

I’ve been waiting patiently for an item to come back in stock on the Maison du Monde website for months and safe to say, I don’t think its going to. Whilst I was browsing the whole of Amazon (honestly I spent hours looking at what I could spend my voucher on) it dawned on me to see if they had any grey trunks. And they did – even nicer than the ones I was looking at before. They went straight in my basket and OH EM GEE they are beautiful. They’ll be used at the wedding and then afterwards as decorative storage in the home. They also come in blush pink and cream… you can thank me later.

I managed to get quite a lot out of this Amazon voucher as another purchase was a white leather case for my Olympus Pen camera. It’s not branded or anything but I really liked how it looks and it’s quite soft and practical with the popper functionality on the lens. I think it was about £25 if I remember right. It serves a purpose and feels good enough quality.

What have you bought in the sales?

Sherry x


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    1. I think I’ve reached a point where if I spend anymore, I’ll have to eat toast for the rest of the month! What have you bought yourself? X

      1. I shopped the Good American sale and got new jeans and a hoodie! I also did the Nordstrom half yearly sale and got some Vince sneakers that are to die for. In addition to a pair of navy velvet slides. 🙈🙊

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