It’s been a good year, 2017

Whilst I always find these kinds of posts a little bit ‘show offish’ – I wanted to write one because this blog is not only a place for my readers, but a place for me to keep written memories to reflect on too.

I know I’ve been absent over the past couple of months so this feels like the best way to start getting back into the habit of blogging ready to smash 2018!

I’ve had a pretty good year. I didn’t really set measurable goals and if I did, I’ll be honest, I probably haven’t achieved them and that’s OK because I wouldn’t have had the year I’ve had if I’d put all my focus into something else.

It’s been a busy one and there’s a number of things I’m proud of and really appreciate that’s happened this year…

  • I started a new job with a large global company at a manager level and I’m absolutely loving it.
  • I’ve been planning our wedding day for April and despite secretly planning it on Pinterest for years… it’s harder than it seems.
  • I have the four best bridesmaids a girl could wish for who have all been working hard helping me too.
  • I’ve travelled twice this year to Amsterdam with Heather and I took my fiancé, Ben, to Iceland to celebrate his 30th birthday.
  • I’ve had the privilege of working some incredible brands on my blog and received numerous wonderful opportunities which I will forever be grateful for.
  • I learnt the value of friendship. Realised I don’t need 1,000 friends to be happy – just a handful of genuine, true people who share common interests – ROLL ON THE HEN PARTY GIRLS!
  • I’ve started celebrating small successes which has made me a happier person. Whilst the big goal will always remain, appreciating the mini milestones to get there makes it a nicer journey.
  • I completed the Tough Mudder Half even though I injured myself half way through – I legit face planted the ground after falling from an obstacle and sheared off one of my front teeth, my cheek swelled the size of a golf ball and I endured a black eye for three months – BUT I DID IT! And I’ll do it again…
  • I climbed to the top of two of the mountains in the UK with Ben – Mount Snowdon and Scafell Pike. They were both challenging but it felt amazing to reach the top. Next stop, Ben Nevis!
  • I got to tick off one of my bucket list items of riding in a helicopter.
  • I became an auntie to the most beautiful little girl and couldn’t be prouder of my sister… then she surprised me with the honour of being her god parent too.
  • I experienced a rugby match for the first time and loved it! I even got to see the Haka in real life which is another tick off the bucket list.
  • I’ve become an expert navigating the streets of London with thanks to my job!
  • Late addition: I played Beer Pong for the first time. I’m not very good at it but it was fun… still definitely not a beer drinker though!

What have been your proudest/happiest moments this year?

Sherry x

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