Another?… and another… 

I think Nottingham is quite well known for its large variety of venues to grab a drink and a bite to eat that you might wonder how a new place will survive and thrive in the midst of all the others in the city. Well, put an interesting spin on it and you’ll have people queuing around corners to find out what the fuss is all about.

Introducing, Another? Wine Bar. Situated at 9 Trinity Square, the place I still can’t quite work out whether it’s genius or dangerous.

The tiny till area greets you upon arrival and provides you with a branded plastic card, similar to that of a chip & pin. This enables you to use the wine bar’s self-serve machines as and when you wish for the duration of your stay and just pay your tab upon exit (word of warning: it’s completely cashless so take your card otherwise it’s pot washing for you!)

You can choose to stay on the floor with the wine bar in easy reach or you can take the stairs up a floor to the cosy sofa’s featuring bloggers dream décor.

On offer is an array of red’s, white’s and rose’s to quite literally, help yourself to. By using your personal tab card, you slot it into the machine where your chosen wine is displayed. Your name comes up on the screen and you simply push the button as to whether you’d like a sample size, a small glass or a large glass. The price vary quite significantly with glasses ranging from £3 to £19 – remember why I said it might be dangerous… it’s a great way to try some fine wines from around the world though, you never know, you might just find your new favourite in a budget or a blow-out bottle for a £0.60p sample!

Now, I’m not a wine connoisseur – nor do I profess to be one – but the handy information cards available in front of each of the different wines enable you to find more about its origin, culture and most importantly, flavour. It’s provides you with everything you need to know and more before you take the plunge and press the button on the machine. When I was here with Hannah – it appeared the bottle with the prettiest label was the overall favourite. A sweet, syrupy rose with a pin up girl on the label – give it a try if you spot it. (another word of warning: the wines are on rotation so may not always be available week to week!).

I also tried a very dry white wine called Mussel Bay which had a hint of grapefruit amongst it which was my most daring choice – if you fancy something different to a normal wine – give this one a go.

Now, unless you are a wine drinker – there isn’t much else for you to do. They do have fizz on offer (which I fully intend to go back and take advantage of) but it’s predominantly wine – not good for non-drinkers to be quite honest with you.

Also, arrange to eat before or after you head here as currently, there is no food options available. They offer nibbles such as olives, nuts and deep fried spicy broad beans though. I personally think they are missing a trick. Nothing screams wine like tapas now does it? I could just imagine a chorizo and roasted pepper skewer or a continental meat and cheese platter going down a treat with a large glass of vino, can you?

I really like the concept and think it will work well, it will work better if they introduce a small tapas style menu into the works, especially in the summer to wine and dine on the terrace… *coming soon*

Over to you guys, genius or dangerous?

Sherry x

*Thank you to TankPR for inviting me along to Another? Wine Bar. Hannah and I enjoyed our time there and will come back soon – try and get a tapas menu going and we’ll never leave! 

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