Wedding Update #7

Oh my, we are just over 6.5 months to go! This is creeping up like crazy! I’m gonna use the same format as last time so I can remind myself 1) where I got to and 2) what to talk about…

the bridal room atherstone wedding dress
The Dress:

Okay, exciting news, I officially have possession of my dress. She’s hanging up in my wardrobe eagerly awaiting the big day.

I went to try it on again on Friday 29th September with my friend Loren from A Wedding A Day, who might I add, took some fabulous photos of me wearing it and as much as I’d love to share them, I can’t for obvious reasons!

I am absolutely in love and can’t stop looking at the photos she took, I genuinely felt like a real-life princess and I was so pleased to have fit in the dress. It was a perfect fit and as it currently stands, needs no alterations whatsoever – phew! All that hard work in the gym has most definitely paid off because there is no chance that dress would have fit me otherwise.

Whilst my first proper fitting and styling appointment isn’t until Jan/Feb next year, Vicky let me try on a few bits with the dress to see what it would be like now having had the chance to see the true fit of my own wedding dress. I tried tiaras on and must admit, I was extremely surprised to find myself saying no to them. Instead, I am ending up with the complete opposite of what I wanted and will be having a veil… how did that happen?!

I invite you all to leave me a comment as to what you think the dress will be like too 🙂

The Venue:

So, we have a new wedding co-ordinator (yey!) who has been very proactive in getting in touch. Whilst I haven’t actually met her as of yet, we are planning to get together to discuss requirements and of course my frustrations with her predecessor.

I have been back since and I am still so in love with the venue, it has just been the terrible taste in wedding co-ordinators and their customer service that has been the only negative so far. Here’s hoping the new one will appreciate things a little more and be a whole heap more considerate seeing as we are spending quite a few pennies there…

Watch this space.

The Invitations:

After a number of amendments and going back and forth, we finally have a draft of our invitations for our day guests. I’ll admit, they are not 100% what I’d have picked had I not asked for the Mr’s opinion but I have to remember… it is his wedding too haha! They are nice and work well within our budget – the original ones I had my eye on would have just been too much paperwork and – ain’t nobody got time for that!

bridal bouquet artificial flowers
The Details:

Jill, the future mother-in-law, has made up my bridal bouquet and I don’t mind sharing this with you because it simply is stunning. We’ve started working on the bridesmaids posies and centrepiece decorations too but they are a W.I.P at the moment.

I think I mentioned before in a previous post that we are opting for artificial flowers with a bit of added in real flowers throughout, not to cut on costs (although it has helped) but purely because I don’t like the idea that they will be dead and forgotten about within a week of the wedding. I love the fact my bouquet will last forever and I can have it on display within the home because it is too beautiful to just put in a box to store away.


At the moment, that’s all there is to report. It’s been very exciting and amazing to see it all beginning to come together. I feel like I’m in limbo waiting for the day to come around.

I can’t wait!

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