My Week in Photos #4

Monday 18th September –

 Monday was definitely a big coffee consumption day and was spent finalising my presentation for work and in the evening, I headed to the gym to do some solo weights to tone the old arms – with my wedding dress fitting next on the 29th, every little helps. I realise I’ve been so focused on weights based classes that I really need to reintroduce spin or running back into my routine! 

Tuesday 19th September –

For the next two days, I was in the luxurious location of… wait for it… Birmingham at a Marketing team off-site. The days were full of presentations and fuelled on coffee and the evenings were full of food and fun, fuelled on gin.

We went out for curry at Itihaas which was absolutely amazing, probably one of the best tasting curries I’ve ever eaten in the UK and then it was on to BunkerHQ to battle it out with the other half of the group in an escape room. Our group was quicker by 10 minutes making it out after just 40!

The best part of the day though was our first team building exercise whereby four of us had to draw (in secret to the other three) a part of a superhero and see what it looks like at the end. For the record, as much as I wish I drew the Danger Mouse head, I drew the wolverine legs!

Wednesday 20th September –

Today was the day where it was my turn to present and I got the fun task of talking about myself for half an hour which to be honest, is what I do best. I spoke about how I’ve built my blog and my social presence on social media and how this could be reflected from a business perspective. I was shaking like a leaf but had some really great feedback and a few new followers (hello if you’re reading!)

The evening was then spent at home with Ben and Patch before he was leaving me for the weekend. He wined (well ginned) and dined me and we watched an 80’s classic starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, Rounders.

Thursday 21st September –

Thursday, other than work, I literally spend it catching up on the programmes I’d missed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Four hours of TV gold consisting of The Undateables, The Great British Bake Off, Doctor Foster and Don’t Tell the Bride. What an evening… so because I have no photos to share, here is another one of my Style Steals from the one and only Lydia Millen because #LydiaMadeMeDoIt 

Friday 22nd September –

Friday should be renamed Pizza Friday right? because that’s exactly what happens. As I was on my own, I ate the whole lot to myself too whilst enjoying Richard Ayoade’s witty humour on Crystal Maze followed by Gogglebox and then it was off to bed to end a tiresome week.

Saturday 23rd September –

I honestly didn’t do much on Saturday, I spent a portion of my time taking photos for upcoming blog posts before my camera flashed at me and told me my memory card was full – boo!

I did however pop round to the future mother-in-law’s with a costa and she had made up my bridal bouquet which might I add is absolutely stunning – as you can see from the photo.

Sunday 24th September –

Sunday was another chill day to be honest, man it’s like my whole life stops when the Mr is away isn’t it… I pottered about, went into town to pick a few bits up for the house and made it look pretty with flowers and candles. I also went for a run at the gym and made a nice healthy stir fry.

W/C 25th September is gonna be a good one wo bear with me!

Sherry x

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