My Week in Photos #3

Monday 10th September –

Starting the week right with weights at the gym. We were supposed to go to bootcamp but it still terrifies me even just at the thought of it. Last time we went it killed me off for about a week and made me realise I really need to up my cardio game again! After Tough Mudder earlier this year (and the injuries that came with it) I’ve only been for about 2 runs.

Tuesday 11th September –

The new coffee machine arrived! I was very lucky to be asked to work with Nespresso following the opening of the new boutique in John Lewis in the intu centre. I love coffee so it was a match made in heaven when I got the email come through. I’ve gotta say, this is by far the best capsule coffee I’ve had and there are literally so many flavour variations! Plus, look how cute it is too!

Wednesday 12th September –

My wedding dress arrived back at the boutique just over a week ago and I was waiting for this adorable little letter to arrive from the boutique. It had loads of information about what to do next, a timeline of fitting and accessory visits. It also reminds me of the balance I need to pay… thankfully the 14 days it needs to be paid in falls on payday! Phew! I am so excited to go and try it on again.

Thursday 13th September –


I was casually scrolling through LinkedIn, as you do, however I was not expecting to see my face in a marketing campaign for RBS! I used to contract for RBS but left almost three months ago so it was quite a surprise to see myself in their advertising. I did wonder why my blog stats were so high that day! I’m still waiting on a contact name to send my invoice too…

Friday 14th September –

On Friday I became the proud owner of two of the BalmainxLoreal collaboration lipsticks – in the shades loved by Lydia Millen of course. My favourite of the two is definitely Confession it’s a very peachy/barely coral nude – certainly a good shade for Autumn so this will be featuring on my face quite a lot over the rest of the year. Confidence however, I feel I need to have a bit of a play around with. Its quite nude but heavily glittered and the more you put on, the more gold it seems to appear. Watch this space on this one because at the moment, I really don’t like it.

Saturday 16th September –


Saturday ended up being quite a busy one so get ready for loads of photos here. So, I popped into town to change a jumper dress that I’d recently bought online and ended up picking this beautiful wool knit one from Whistles. It’s perfectly timeless and will see me right through from now until the end of Spring. It’s super soft and looks great with over-the-knee boots for a night out or teamed with a pair of Chelsea boots and tights for the day. I’m trying my hardest to create a minimal, timeless, capsule wardrobe and I can see these three pieces  being an absolute staple outfit this season.


I also stole Lydia’s style when I went out shopping (well, who else would it be, seriously). Lydia has helped rekindle my love for fashion again and I really want to start embedding a bit more of that into my blog, especially over the colder months as they are my favourite. I mean, can you imagine the photos when the leaves fall at Woolaton hall!?

I took my new purchase out for a spin on Saturday night when Ben and I met up with friends for a few drinks… which turned into a few more drinks, an after party at our friends house and getting in at 3AM. I haven’t done that since 10th June so it certainly took it’s toll on Sunday…

Sunday 17th September –

And that brings us to yesterday, with my aching head and having no desire to get out of bed, we had to get up to go and pick up Ben’s car and no word of a lie, it was like that scene out of Wolf of Wall Street where he has all those ludes and drags himself to his car. Thankfully me and my car actually did make it back in one piece and I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, watching the football, eating junk food and drinking coffee with Ben after his dad came over to visit.

I didn’t take any photos at all on Sunday so here is an old photo of Patch as a kitten instead… and before we had carpet put upstairs!

How was your week / weekend? What did you get up to?





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