They’re real… honestly! 

Let me start by saying, I’m not very good at applying make up so when I do, it’s a minimal amount focusing more on the brows, the lashes and the lips. At least, until Benefit Cosmetics came into my life with their handy little kits complete with how-to guides.

I fell in love with the Benefit brand when it first came on the scene with its pretty pink packaging and perfect puns and even when they did a ‘Taylor Swift’ and dropped the pink for a darker look with the they’re real collection; which is what I’m gonna tell you about today. 

First of all, let me tell you the They’re Real Tinted Primer is one of my daily makeup must haves. I tend to use this on its own to add a bit of volume and curl to my lashes for a day in the office or brunch with the girls. It has some serious longevity and looks perfectly good on its own. Coming in three shades, I opt for the dark brown which doesn’t look too harsh for a day look, team it with the They’re Real mascara and your ready to go from desk to dance floor. 

You can get this mascara in beyond brown, beyond black and even beyond blue! 

Even better when these two come individually and can be bought as a duo too! 

Now, the They’re Real Push Up Liner, this tricky little contraption takes a couple of go’s to get the hang of but once you do, cue the perfect cat eye and on-fleek wings. I’ve never been able to master the art of the winged liner but the soft, flexible nib allows you to glide across the lid with ease and create that much coveted look. For a softer look, just place some of the product on the back of your hand and manipulate it a little before applying.

Teamed with the They’re Real Eyeshadow Duo, you can definitely curate a strong, sultry look and with this product, you can get the perfect blend. Once again, Benefit know exactly what they are doing in the ‘how-to’ department as I for one cannot apply eyeshadow without it looking like a throwback from when I first discovered it at fourteen. Included within the cutest compact is what they call a ShadowBlender, a sponge textured ball that fits to your eye shape and gives you a beautifully blended look in just one simple sweep. Coming in eight different duo shades, you can switch it up daily depending on your mood or layer on top for a darker, sassier look.

One thing I can guarantee you with the mascara and the eyeliner combo is that they will not come off. Your liner wont smudge and if you find yourself crying into your pizza at 2am on a night out, fear not because benefit They’re Real mascara won’t give you panda eyes. Seriously though, without the They’re Real Make Up Remover, this stuff ain’t going nowhere so I’d highly recommend investing in this product too. I’ve literally tried so many alternatives and this is by far the least harsh way to remove your makeup without it also looking like you’ve been rubbing your eyes with onions. Bravo Benefit, bravo.

Finally, the They’re Real Lip & Liner in One, is it genius or god-awful? When I first heard about this invention, I thought it was a brilliant idea and that Benefit had done it again yet when I saw it for the first time, the liner looked way too dark in comparison to the lipstick colour on every single shade option available. Now I’ve had the chance to try it, what do I think? Genius. Absolutely genius. For me, it’s the perfect way to stay on trend with the current ombre lip look as the line is not too harsh around the edges and meets the lighter colour wonderfully also giving the eye a deception of fuller looking lips too. Not forgetting to mention how hydrating the product is, given i’m usually a matte lipstick kinda girl, I can see this making a new home in my handbag for daily wear in the office. This colour combo in particular is called Lusty Rose. 

Have you used the Benefit they’re Real collection? What’s your favourite product? 

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