Wedding Update #6

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! How am I at the halfway mark already? With eight months passed and eight months to go, things are starting to ramp up in the wedding planning department. I feel I want to change the format of these a little bit to make it easier to 1) read and 2) write rather than ramble on for ages, so here goes.

Also, I’ve had to rewrite this three times because things have changed when I initially drafted it up which is good.

I’ve got a few more wedding related posts coming up about skincare and fitness too so look out for those in the near future.

The Dress:

Originally, this said ‘I’ve not had ‘the call’ yet :(‘ which was true up until about lunch time today when I received an email that my dress had arrived back at the The Bridal Room boutique! I totally shrieked with delight in the middle of the office and I am SO exited to go back and try it on! However, I am glad I ordered it when I did. It’s taken seven months to be made and had I had only just started looking now, I’d be starting to panic in seven months that it wouldn’t be here in time or about the fitting with only one month left to go! My friend Hannah is lending me her hoop and I’ll be taking my wedding shoes for the full effect as well as try on a few accessories and see how I feel wearing it for more than 10 minutes! I hope it’s comfortable. I’m gonna try and and get a hair trial arranged for the morning on the same day too for an ‘almost full effect’ experience. 

The bridesmaids dresses were attempted to be delivered today too and I’m gutted they didn’t leave them with a neighbour! I’ve rescheduled delivery for tomorrow and will be working from home to wait in for them as they don’t deliver on weekends and the pickup place is miles and miles away! I’ll have to report back next month on them now but I am so excited to check them out and arrange for the girls to try them on too! 

The Venue:

Remember when I told you our wedding coordinator left and we were waiting for a new one who didn’t get back in touch with us for ages… well… she’s gone too. What a nightmare. When you are someone who is so particular like me, it’s really tough to handle having to entrust someone else new with all the information and given we now only have eight months and there is not yet a replacement, it is making me panic slightly. I know they will get one and having met the Conference and Banqueting Manager, he made me feel like it’s in his best interest that we have the best day. We had our menu tasting too this month and I have to say, the food is of such a high standard and me being quite a food snob, I was majorly impressed. So, our menu has been chosen and we have a little running competition between us to see which options our guests prefer.

The Invitations:

Our evening invitations have been made and ordered and I cant wait for them to arrive, even though we wont even been sending these out until January, it will feel that little more real seeing them with our names together on them. We have also had a sample of our potential day guest invitations which I need to order a hard copy of to see what the quality is like – these will be going out in the next six weeks or so which makes me feel a little giddy!

The Details:

A lot of our wedding is D.I.Y simply because I want to feel as involved as possible as I can. That and the fear of not seeing a lot of it until the day absolutely terrifies me and so I think I mentioned our flowers are actually artificial and myself and the M-I-L will be making the bouquets and centrepieces up between us. I have hired mirror plates from my friend Loren’s wedding dรฉcor/events business, A Wedding a Day, and have bought all the additional pieces such as votives, mini milk bottles, glass jars and candles. Everything our guests will see are our own items which I love, it makes me feel like it will be more personal. I’ve had a few more ideas about what I want to do and so I’m planning those bits now – watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚

The Honeymoon:

All our hotels are booked we just need to book our flights and then, it’s sorted! We’ve toyed with the idea of travelling to so many places when trying to plan our honeymoon but I left the planning to Ben in the end because we just couldn’t decide and I felt he might enjoy planning that whilst I take the reigns of the wedding day. So, we are not going to Japan, we are not going to New Zealand, we are not going to the Maldives… we are going to AMERICA! I am super excited as I’ve never been to America before and have always wanted to go. Ben and I aren’t the type of people who enjoy a lazy beach holiday so we are visiting four different places during our couple of weeks there. If anyone has any recommendations of places to see, things to do, restaurants, bars ect in New York, Philedelphia, Chicago and Miami, leave me a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I’ve got a big list of New York places and directions and going to Miami in October so I will report back! exciting! xxx

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