My Week in Photos #1

It was a shorter week last week as we enjoyed a bank holiday here in the UK and even so, my week ended up jam packed with things to do. 

Tuesday 29th August –

I gave blood for the fourth time. I wrote a post about the first time I ever gave blood last year and wish I had done it sooner. The feeling (albeit a little woozy) is incredible. Nothing makes me feel so selfless and useful as donating a mere pint of my blood. Plus, the cuppa and biscuit afterwards are worth it anyway.

Wednesday 30th August

Back in the gym doing the LBT class ran by Malachi with my good friend and gym buddy, Chloe (who recently got engaged too so the gym is EVEN better now with all the wedding talk!) I’ll be writing a post about my fitness routine soon as I try my best to ‘slim down for the gown’ so keep your eyes out for that one.

Thursday 31st August

Thursday was the last (meteorological) official day of British Summertime which leads us into my favourite season, Autumn. I transitioned my wardrobe a day early because – although we say Summer here in Britain, we don’t really get much sun or warm weather – it’s been a bit chilly and I bought some new jumpers that I couldn’t wait to wear. I greeted Autumn with open arms and a cup of hot cocoa in my pink cozy knit.

Friday 1st September

I visited the new Nespresso Boutique which opened at John Lewis in the inTu Victoria Centre in Nottingham on Friday 1st September. I love a good coffee and Nespresso does this well. I’ve got my own new Nespresso machine being delivered soon too so I’ll report back!

Saturday 2nd September

It’s been a while, almost four whole months in fact since I drank any form of alcohol (if you can exclude 3 small sips of prosecco during a toast at a wedding) but when I got together with Emma a.k.a my bad influence, cocktails were on the cards along with pizza and plenty of girl talk.

Sunday 3rd September

I could feel the beginning of a cold coming on so it was on with the PJ’s and cuddling up on the sofa with Ben. We watched Toy Story 3 and ordered a takeaway because our weekend antics meant we both felt a little tired… too tired to bother cooking at least anyway! Patch joined in with the lazy Sunday vibes too. 

What did you get up to this week?

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