Back in the (blogging) game!

Before I start churning out blog material again, I wanted to give you guys a short explanation as to why the blog has been on the back burner for a little bit.
I have very much been focusing on myself and my career as of late and trying to bag myself a new job and it’s safe to say, it’s still pretty slim pickings out there on the market. I’ve been lucky enough to land a job doing something I love doing but sadly all good things come to an end eventually and I found myself job hunting. I wanted something that will provide me with security as some of you might not know I have in fact been freelancing on a contract basis with RBS for the past 18 months and whilst it has been great, essentially being my own boss and running my own business, unless you are earning top dollar – and I mean TOP dollar – it isn’t worth it, especially when you like holidays as much as me. Having two weeks off really puts into perspective the luxury of normal salaried employee benefits and being able to have a pension topped up each month is now something I long for. Stability and security has always been in the forefront of my mind.

So, a couple of weeks back, I was able to hand in my notice myself and my last day with RBS is on July 5th before starting my new role in a managers position for another company, still within the financial sector although not a bank, on Monday 10th July and I genuinely cannot wait. 

It’s a real step up for me and I can’t wait to take on the challenge, I also cant wait to continue to do what I love doing. 

That’s where my evening have been going. It’s been preparing for the several interviews I have had, making sure my CV is up to scratch and putting the perfect interview outfits together and at the time, it was the most important thing for me to prioritise in the world of life admin.

Other than that I have actually been SUPER busy, I’ve had my birthday which saw me whisked away to London for the weekend – there will be more on this in later blog posts featuring the hotel we stayed in and one of the activities we got up to. I’ve really been focusing on my fitness as of late too – more on this too as I have had a number of people ask on Twitter about my routine ect. Then last weekend, I attended the hen party of one of my lovely friends who I met through writing this blog, Loren from Life At Loren’s which saw me head to London again for a weekend of spa days, cocktails and biscuit decorating at Biscuiteers!

I am fully back on the bandwagon so to speak and have spent a fair bit of time writing up new content and scheduling it ready to go, taking and editing photos and I also have another vlog coming your way about our trip to Snowdon at the end of May! I really want to try and get into YouTube again and want to fully commit so if you guys can leave me a comment of the types of things you would like to see – I cant start a plan of action to get on the tube!

Sherry x

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