Wedding Wednesday #4

I love how this months Wedding Wednesday falls on mine and Ben’s 5th year anniversary. I haven’t ever gone into too much detail about our relationship because to be quite honest, I like to keep it relatively private. However, as this marks somewhat a special occasion I’ll tell you how our little love story began. 

In February 2012, I was offered a job working as a Sales & Marketing Assistant at Keystone Lintels and started in the March. During my induction on my first day, the manager took me around to meet everyone and shake hands etc. I’d gone round the whole building and finally ended with Ben. This gorgeous red head with a five o clock shadow in a crisp white shirt and I swear my heart literally skipped a beat. I felt super giddy and thought to myself almost instantly that I was going to marry this man (little did I know right…) 

Thankfully there was a spare desk directly in front of him so I could perhaps get to know him a bit better, if not for checking him out when he wasn’t doing it himself because unbeknownst to me at the time, he told his work mate Bobby that I was, and I quote, exactly his type.

Whilst I was learning the ropes in my new job and trying my hardest to concentrate on making a good impression I didn’t want to jeopardise anything by swooning after this guy until the week after when he wasn’t there and I though he might have left and I’d never see him again. I was asking the MD’s P.A. who most of you will know from reading my blog as my now best friend & Matron of Honour, Heather, where ‘that guy I was sat in front of’ was and more importantly who he was again as I lost all my senses when I met him I didn’t catch his name the first time. Thankfully he was just on annual leave and I made it my mission to talk to him when he returned. Which I did, I was covering reception and I asked him what he was getting up to as he was signing out and he was ‘popping to Tesco’ and asked if I wanted anything and my reply was yeah just a drink of anything. He bought me back a can of coke (only my absolute fave – it was meant to be clearly) and my response was that I owed him a drink and it went from there.

Our first date was five years ago today at The Dial in Burton-on-Trent and a drink turned into a bite to eat and getting in just before midnight, like Cinderella. The rest is history and we are very much planning our future with our wedding now a little less than a year away!

Some serious wedmin has been going down over the past month and I’m feeling pretty positive with the planning right now.

I cant remember where we got to last time but we have found our photographer and I cant wait for Ben and I to meet him in the summer to discuss everything in finer detail. Those who know me will know how particular I am – I wish I could take my own wedding photos so he has a real challenge on his hands but I fell in love with the photos displayed on his website so – must be good right?

After much stress and worry that we were not going to find the one main thing we both really wanted, we found the supplier (hallelujah!) and so now we are both happy to have this particular thing at our wedding. It’s quite a nice feature and I’m sure it will turn a lot of heads at the venue – I’ll say no more than that but thank heavens its all booked!

I ordered some potential bridesmaid dresses online for the girls to try on and whilst it would have been amazing to get it done in one, sadly they were not ‘the ones’ and so I have returned them. They were pretty dresses but they didn’t give me the wow factor I was hoping for when I saw them on. Never mind but for those interested – its was these AX Paris ones.

I have another wedding fair to go to at the weekend with the girls and after much deliberation – I am hoping to find some of these style dresses for them all to try on. I’ll report back next month if we are any closer to bridesmaid dress success.

On the subject of wedding fairs, I went to the Pop Up Wedding Village in Calke Abbey with my sister and Emma to see if I could get more inspiration and got to see our band again too. It was a gorgeous day and so we ended up sat at one of the tipi’s with a cocktail in one hand and taking selfies with the other.

I’ve opted to do the flower arrangements myself too – a mammoth task maybe but definitely a more cost effective solution too. For me, flowers, whilst they may be beautiful, I don’t really care too much for them. I feel they are somewhat a waste of a lot of money (especially when we are talking bridal bouquets and what-not) for something to just die and get thrown away within a week and yes, before you tell me you can have them pressed and keep them – I don’t want to keep dead flowers thank you. Soooo, this alternative means that everyone within the bridal party has a keepsake from the day in the form of a beautiful, neutral bouquet or button hole they can cherish forever – or throw away of they want but I wont care when they have only cost me £2 to make instead of £9 to buy J My walk-in wardrobe is currently full of artificial flowers and glass jars though now…

I’ve also bought a bit of stuff from my friend Sarah-Jayne (Bella-Coco) who had a spare bag of table sparkles from her wedding last year and also some gorgeous gold script table numbers that I had already been thinking about before I saw her post on facebook.

I’m going to attempt to make my own starlit backdrop too for the top table and then for the wedding reception in the evening too so this could either go better than planned or horrifically wrong.

And finally, in terms of beauty, I am actively searching for a bridal hair specialist to do my hair on ththe big day but in the meantime I am trying to grow it as long and thick as possible. I’m currently giving GoldCrush hair vitamins a go and honestly, so far so good. I have roots again already! Use code sherry15 to get 15% off! 

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  1. Aww love at first sight you absolute cuties!! So exciting its less than a year now!! Xxx

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