Wedding Wednesday #3 

As of the end of this month, our wedding will be a year away and that now seems so scary. Even that has come round so quickly from the day Ben proposed. If there is one thing I have learnt so far, it’s that I need to get into the wedding business! I remember people telling me you really need to get stuff booked because it all gets booked up quickly; they weren’t lying. Put it this way, I am glad we found and booked our dream venue when we did as I’d be planning the wedding for the year after otherwise. Don’t even get me started on photographers. It took my sixth attempt before I found one with our date available. I was being picky as I don’t want to just settle. Thankfully though after a facebook plea, someone who I used to work with recommended me the photographer she is using for her own wedding and his style is exactly what I was looking for and HOO-FREAKING-RAY he was free and I didn’t have to go and cry in a corner and cancel the whole wedding. Phew.

Team that with an auto-reply email from our wedding co-ordinator at the venue that they have now left the company and out came Bridezilla. Panic set in as I felt I would have to start again with whoever would be taking this on but the out of office contact was just a generic enquiries box. Me and my particularities cant just sit in a generic mailbox, I need to know. I asked a dozen questions and now have know idea if even my initial ones were understood. I’m still waiting for a response – I need to call them or better yet, go and speak face to face with the new co-ordinator. *UPDATE* New co-coordinator responded but still want to go in and meet her to talk through the finer details to ease my mind!
You might remember from one of my previous posts that I have in fact ordered my dress. I cant recall if I told you I ordered it a size smaller as there was not too much in it in terms of the size I am now/was and the maximum measurements for the smaller one. Well… I’ve been hitting the gym HARD and can finally say I think I will fit into my dress (as of now… need to maintain until July/August!) I’m feeling super proud I’ve been able to lose those extra couple inches from here, there and everywhere. *NOTE TO SELF* Can let myself go again AFTER the wedding…

From what I gather, the Hen Party planning has commenced and all my favourite girlies are in the know – this scares me a little bit as I love to know every detail about everything, I’m not really one for surprises. I’m sure together though, they will pull something amazing out of the bag for me. I’m the one buying their bridesmaids dresses after all…

Which also leads me on to telling you I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER and can you believe it, from ASOS of all places. Here is me trying to organise a day out in Brum to go dress shopping and I find the perfect one which is in agreement with all on an online only store. The plan now is to order them, head to the wedding venue for afternoon tea with the girls and get them to try them on and see how they look ect. Found the perfect shoes to go with them too and they are only £30 (good job too as the dresses are £20 over my initial planned budget each!)

I’m heading to the Calke Abbey pop up wedding fair on Sunday with my sister and one of my bridesmaids Emma (who is an MUA btw check out her FB page for her work) to get some more inspo for the intricate details like favours (which I have no clue about) and table plan ideas. Our band is also going to be playing on the day so I need to pay them their deposit as I believe I am in their diary only in pencil so need to make sure I am penned in instead.

It feels like its been an expensive month because of all the deposits but its all coming together now so we can focus on paying things off monthly together. I just wanted to secure everything that we wanted for our date and make sure nothing was forgotten.

We have our cake tasting tonight which I am super excited about. Never thought I would feel this upbeat about a cake before. I cant wait to let my creativity flow in the bakery and design the perfect sponge delight for our big day. If you are interested in the cake as much as I am, make sure you follow on Instagram and Snapchat (SherryScribbles) for my stories!

I’m eager to hear your ideas for favours as I appear to be a rabbit in headlights here – leave a comment below with your suggestion 😍

3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday #3 

  1. Eek its all so exciting!! I can’t wait to see the cake updates! I’m so glad everything is coming together for you! xxx

    1. Cake Update: probs gonna get one from a shop as they are ridiculously overpriced and I don’t want to eat cake for a week after achieving ultimate #bodygoals for my dress 😂

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