Oh, in five years time…

All I can think of right now is Noah & The Whale… Oh in five years time….

I try not to think too far into the future but now, with a ring on my finger and a wedding being planned I suppose it’s the adult thing to do right?

Next year I will be the Mrs to my Mr and I am so excited to exchange vows with him and jetset off to somewhere incredible for our honeymoon but what happens after that?

A Bigger Property

I love our little home, its perfect just for us and Patch of course. It has enough space to park our cars, Ben has a space to use as his office, I have transformed our bedroom into a bloggers paradise with a walk in wardrobe and over the years, we have made our garden bigger, painted the lounge wall numerous times and cooked many a thai curry in the kitchen. I will miss it but as we grow, life grows so although this is good for now, it wont be when the kiddies come along, leading nicely onto my next point.

Start a Family

I’ve always wanted to be married before having children. It’s a massive commitment and one I have always wanted in life but never felt ready or broody enough to want to have a child sooner. Perhaps when we have signed the register I will begin to think that is the next step. I want to be safe and secure in a new home with plenty of room for play and plenty of money in the bank to support him/her in any way they require.

Double my Salary

That’s doable in five years right? I can do this. It will take all my time and effort that I have left but if you want something enough, you set out to get it. I’ve come a long way since my first ‘proper’ job and since Ben and I moved in together when I was essentially living to my next pay day. It’s nice now to be not really have to worry too much and treat myself here and there! Here goes nothing.

Visit America

I’ve never been to America before! I have always wanted to visit but there are just so many places to see and things to do, a trip there would need some serious planning to fit it all in. I reckon I can tick this off within the next five years.

Win an Award

I’d absolutely love to win an award. I don’t quite know what for yet but it would be great to put a meaningful trophy that I have worked hard for on the mantelpiece one day.

What are your plans for life over the next five years? 

9 thoughts on “Oh, in five years time…

  1. It’s great that you now get to look forward to your married life, with everything ahead of you. I’m finding it strange as I just don’t know what the future looks like. I’m already married, have my kids who are getting older every day and I don’t really know what the next best thing is for me. Maybe I should sit down and make some plans. Good luck with everything in the future!

  2. The best part of life is always the unexpected parts <3
    Who knows where you will be in 5 years? But I hope you reach for your dreams all the same!

  3. sounds like a good five year plan to me! now we are married I’m thinking the same thing. we have space in our house for babies but only one, but I want to finish working on the house, get a promotion and do some more travelling first too! 💕💕 who knows where we’ll both be in 5! xxx

    1. Life never pans out the way we think it will does it. I thought I’d be in my life career earning my millions, married with kids already but I’m not! I want to get all the travelling out of the way before the babies but a new house is required for that so some strategic planning is required! What I do know is, you will still be there in 5 years ❤️ xx

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