Five Places to Help Fill Your Home on a Budget | Guest Post: Frost in Space

Meet Tiff from Frost in Space who is talking all about her home style and how she has furnished it on a budget. 

I’m not sure if you’d know this, but it gets a little expensive to fill an unfurnished home. I know, crazy isn’t it? Well that’s what I had to do recently. With not a lot of money in the bank, I was panicking about being able to populate my home’s interior with literally zilch furnishings to begin with! But I’ve just about managed it, so here are my 5 tips to help you with making your house a home, on a budget!

1. IKEA​

I mean, this is the most obvious one isn’t it? IKEA is amazing at giving you gorgeous looking furniture at affordable prices, and it’s such a fun day out! I wont be ashamed to admit that I have driven to Nottingham from Leicester just for their delightful meatballs! (I once drove to Sheffield to eat at this sushi place I was obsessed with too – I may have a problem). With everything from bedroom furniture to spoons on my ‘to get’ list, IKEA was the crucial first stop. I will warn you though, it is so easy to rack up a massive bill just on Tupperware and candles…

2. TK Maxx

I feel like many people underappreciate the magic that is TK Maxx; I picked up some awesome quality items for a fraction of their normal price, such as a set of Salter pans for a steal of £50 when the RRP was around £120. They’re super durable and a great investment; if you want to pick up some big reductions on sick brands, don’t forget TK.

3. Gumtree/Freecycle

I’m starting to worry how much I enjoy looking up the newly listed second-hand furnishings on these sites. Gumtree is great for getting local secondhand products for low prices (most people just want to get rid of their stuff conveniently), and Freecycle is, well, free! It’s crazy the stuff you find on these sites, I saw two beautiful two seated sofas for £35! Still gutted that they didn’t fit in my living room…

4. Facebook groups

I was a little dubious about buying products via Facebook, but after joining my new community group I can’t believe the sorts of products people are selling! From new dining tables to bikes to curtains to DVDs, your local Facebook community group is a goldmine for exchanging goods in a conveniently short distance. Sadly, I haven’t been quick enough to snatch the best bargains that have appeared yet, but when I do, oh you’ll be hearing about it…

5. Charity shops

I am a sucker for a good charity shop, what’s better than getting new clobber and helping those in need? I’ve always loved charity shops for clothes, and I’ve managed to bag myself big bargains in the past (s/o to my Burberry jacket from Loros) so once I got the keys I knew I had to hit them up. I bought the most amazing throw and vintage style mirror from a local charity shop, both for £5! Those of you who donate your fabulous items for me to pick up at the British Heart Foundation, you the real MVP.

I’ve managed to be a sneaky mom and get all the furnishings for my house at a discounted price, which has been a massive relief on my purse. Check out these budget-busting places and see how much money you can save furnishing your home!

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3 thoughts on “Five Places to Help Fill Your Home on a Budget | Guest Post: Frost in Space

  1. Some great tips here. I must admit I’ll go into charity shops for clothes but I’d never really thought to go there for homewares before. I’ll definitely think of it in future. Although I’ve lived in my house for over 10 years and have all the essentials, I’d still like a good revamp.

  2. It is soo hard to furnish a house! freecycle was my best friend when we first moved out got so much stuff from there! fab post xxx

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