Wedding Wednesday #2

As another month passes, I realise how quickly that 365 day countdown is going to come around and yet this is only my second Wedding Wednesday post! A few things have happened since the last update and they are pretty major actually.

My bridal shoes arrived and boy are they beautiful. A stunning ivory satin with glistening detail on the front before the pointed toe. I am so happy with them and they are absolutely perfect. I think I made the right decision going for these rather than the Jimmy’s. As amazing as it would be to say I Do in Choo, I know I would never put those £650 stunners on my feet ever again. Whilst these ones weren’t exactly cheap, I feel less inclined to preserve them as much and would happily wear these out again to fancy restaurants or major events.

Freya Rose Chandelier in Ivory 

On Saturday 19th February, I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! Can you believe it?! I headed over to The Bridal Room in Atherstone with my Matron of Honour, Heather. It’s actually the store where she got her own wedding dress from too so I entrusted her that it must be good. A cute little boutique just off the high street with a window perfect for Pinterest showcasing a gorgeous gown and sparkly jewellery of course. The interior is no different with blush pinks, creams, ivories and more bridal titillation bits than you can shake a stick at. A vast array of tiaras, waistbelts and shoes are available for you to try too. Not to mention the dresses! The boutique was beautiful, the staff were super friendly and knowledgable and I loved the intimacy of it.

I had booked in for one of their V.I.B sessions. The V.I.B offer costs just £45 and gauruntees you a two hour personal slot with a consultant to try on as many dresses as takes your fancy along with enjoying a bottle of prosecco and delightful little cakes. The £45 is then taken off the price of your dress should you find ‘the one’ (you probably will because there were some absolutely stunning gowns there!) and you get a cute little V.I.B gift too. I won’t spoil the surprise though, you should go and find out for yourself. They also offer alternative sessions you can book in for too along with another boutique in Worstershire too.

Vicky was my consultant on the day and after asking plenty of questions and finding out how particular I am (what? I know what I like OK?) she already had an idea in mind of what might be my ideal dress. We worked our way round the shop and pulled out eight dresses to try on. The first dress was already a winner and that was left hanging right to the end. A few were definite no’s despite being beautiful in their own unique way, they just weren’t for me or didn’t give me the wow factor I’d been hoping for. We were down to three. It was the eighth dress, aptly named ‘Princess’ (you can’t see it on the website – I checked 😜) that Vicky had thought would be perfect and I can confirm, Vicky knows her stuff. From the moment she pulled it from the rail I was going all heart eyes on it and opted to try that one last to ‘give the others a fair run’. I cried, Heather cried and I could see Vicky beaming from ear to ear. Apparently no-one has ever cried in the shop so it must have been the one. I didn’t want to take it off and so I paid the deposit and my measurements were taken. I AM SO EXCITED. It is perfect. It is everything I have ever imagined, dreamt of and wanted for my wedding dress and I know its going to be a showstopper on the day.

Our Save the Dates are going to be posted out soon too and I can’t wait to see what our guests think of our styling of them. Part of me is still a bit in shock that I am actually doing this. I am actually going to have the privilege of marrying the person who makes me wake up with a smile every morning and people are going to be there to see that wonderful moment happen (whilst I am ugly crying obviously).

We had a family dinner recently for my dad’s birthday and my Aunt asked if we were writing our own vows. According to Ben we are so there is another thing to add to my wedding to-do list!

I have to book our cake tasting & choosing next month, confirm with the band and book in our registrar interviews for May – there is so much that goes into it that I never realised. I have so many calendar appointments and reminders in my phone right now but it will all be worth it.

I’ve been a bit slack on Pinterest recently as I had no idea really what to pin because id already decided the colours, designed the stationary, bought the shoes and now I have my dress I can start thinking about the hair and makeup to go with it so I’ll be back onto it in no time pinning away inspiration. Plus, I need to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses, so far we have landed on some gorgeous rose pink maxi dresses which are in agreement with all the bridesmaids!

We are slowly but surely getting there and the one year countdown is literally around the corner. From what I gather, my hens are happily planning the party already!

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday #2

  1. A year is plenty of time to plan – make sure you enjoy it 😘 I can’t wait to see your dress, I have no doubt you’ll look beautiful. Love the shoes too! 😍😍

  2. I love reading these wedding posts, it takes me back to planning, sounds like you have a lot under control! You will look stunning in the dress I’m sure, and the shoes are simply beautiful! Cant wait to follow your journey as you plan and see it all come together for you both xxx

  3. Aww this all sounds so exciting! Those shoes are WOW! and I can’t wait to see your dress. It will come around so quickly so make the most of every moment! I’m really enjoying keeping up with your planning posts.

  4. Now I’m less bored of reading I’ll comment haha (I was actually reading at 12.30 at night and I hadn’t long been home as I’d been shopping with my mum!)
    I love those shoes, if I was going for something properly bridal I think I would have picked Freya Rose too, if i’d gone for Jimmy’s in the end (or if their size 8s actually fitted on my feet!) I wouldn’t have picked a bridal style that I’d never wear again, I’d go the safe occasion route. These would look lovely with a pair of jeans and a tucked in shirt for a dressed up dressed down look.

    Sounds like everything is starting to pull together, cake tasting is the best (Ben called it one of the best days of his life…). I keep forgetting to make appointments, for certain things but I don’t know where I’m going to squeeze them in either!

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