Pancakes You Can Pinterest

Guys, it’s pancake day tomorrow and I thought it best to give you some inspiration on how you can shake things up instead of settling for the sweet version with sugar or the sour version with lemon.
Firstly,  you will need to create your pancake mix. I popped into Sainsbury’s on my way home to pick up the ingredients and literally all you need to make tasty pancakes is these 6 ingredients. 
·         Plain Flour
·         Eggs
·         Milk
·         Baking Powder
·         Butter
·         Oil
Or you can cheat and buy one of those ready made just add water bottles!
I’ve made a Sweet, a Savoury and a Sumptuous but all with a twist. Nothing is ever basic in my kitchen.
The Sweet One
Perfect for those on a health kick or just feeling fruity this Robinsons inspired fruit-salad packs a punch, fills you up and gets in one of your five a day. I adore fruit and I adore pancakes so for me, this is a match made in heaven. The fruit I’ve used comes from the ingredients that can be found in Robinsons Juice Drinks. It was simply because I was picking a bottle up to quench my thirst (anyone else get really thirsty when cooking? Perhaps its just me salivating over the food…) that I clocked the image of all the fruit from the seven flavours that inspired me to make this one. Plus the drink is super tasty and always keeps me hydrated (not to mention they are only 3 cals per 250ml serving!) so I thought I’d pay homage to it by dedicating one of my pancake creations to it. We are talking tropical with orange and pineapple then toning the citrus down with bananas, mango and kiwi. I teamed mine with some greek yoghurt for a full on Mediterranean feel.
luxury pancake inspiration tropical fruit salad pancakes
The Savoury One
I am a bit more of a savoury lover than someone with a sweet tooth and so for anyone who prefers a salty snack over a sugary one, this one is for you! Using the same method as before, whip up your pancakes (perhaps even add a bit of truffle oil if you’re feeling fancy), layer over some griddled, smoked pancetta that has been mixed with a diced apple (seriously, they go so well together) and top with parmesan shavings. If you want to go all out and a bit risqué, pour over some maple syrup for an all-american twist that tantalises the taste buds. 
luxury pancake inspiration pancetta pancake
The Sumptuous One
If like me, you like a little bit of luxury in your life, why not put this in pancake form and have a bit of what you fancy on a day where anything goes, especially in the pancake department. For this one, simply serve up your crisp, golden pancakes, layer them with thick vanilla cream, top that then with fresh, quartered strawberries and blueberries, then grate over some white chocolate for good measure and to add a hint of decadence. It’s healthy because there is strawberries… if that helps…
luxury pancake inspiration strawberries and cream pancakes
So, what will you be having on your pancakes tomorrow?
*This post has been sponsored by Robinsons.

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  1. The sweet one is defintley getting my vote!! I’ve never really been excited for pancake day before but for some reason, this year I really am and this has put me in the mood to eat hem even more!!
    Happy Pancake Day ☺️


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