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I’m a creature of habit. When I head to Nottingham, I always drive the same way in, park in the same car park (most often in the same space) and walk the same route to where I need to get to even if there is a shortcut. I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to feeding my fancy or when I feel like giving myself a payday treat. I know there is so much more to Nottingham than meets the eye so when an email arrived in my inbox from ‘Snizl’ practically asking me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to the city, something inside me said ‘why on earth not?’

There was a whole evening of exploration (albeit a slight expedition too) of independent businesses in Nottingham, hidden gems beneath the hierarchy of the high street shops. Our first stop, Pudding Pantry. Already making a name for itself in the city with thanks to its amazing desserts but more recently for its ‘FreakShakes’ I was very excited to see this was on our whistle-stop tour of Nottingham and I would finally get to try one of these majorly instagrammed drinks. Welcomed by the Snizle team and shown to our seats, blessed then with a delectable banana cake with cinnamon icing, topped with a walnut and a Salted Caramel & Chocolate FreakShake topped with cream, sauce and a brownie. Despite my lactose intolerance, I drank that shake with a look and feel of pure joy. It was so damned tasty that I even had another. Yes, I had two FreakShakes and a slice of cake. I couldn’t not try one – YOLO and all that…

pudding pantry nottingham freakshakepudding pantry nottingham freakshake

Next up was a walk to Bridlesmith Walk to visit CaBella. A beauty room which looks like it came straight out of Pinterest. Gold, silver and pink everywhere, not to mention the glitter. Brushes neatly displayed in mason jars and jewels sparkling under the lights. Decadent mirrors lining the walls which were bearing the cutest quotes. We were given a masterclass in makeup and I for one took away a few new tips on application and suitable colours to use. I’ve also found a place close to home that provides the ever popular LVL lash treatment so I will be making myself an appointment for that. The girls were super knowledgeable and showed so much passion in the business. I picked myself up one of the bridal package leaflets so I might pop in for a trial soon.

 cabella nottingham mirrorcabella nottingham makeup brushescabella nottingham makeupcabella makeup masterclass

When we were all make-upped out, we took a stroll to Weavers Wine for some wine tasting. I have never been to a proper wine tasting before and if this was anything to go by, I can understand why people enjoy this activity. Situated on Castle Gate, Alan, Pete and Fergul presented us with a crisp glass of Cremant Du Jura and might I just add this is now my favourite wine. Its so sweet and refreshing. It has the taste of champagne, the sparkle and fizz of a good prosecco and the finesse of a luxury wine – what’s not to love. It’s not a cheap wine but it’s not break the bank either at just under £20 a bottle.  We had a tour down into the cellar too and I was in champagne heaven, I wouldn’t mind getting locked down there to be honest. It was somewhat surreal though, knowing that is underneath the streets 1,000’s of people walk along daily. I cannot wait to head on into their store next time I am in town to pick up a bottle of this. There were a number of other wines, a white and a red making their rounds and whilst I only took the smallest sip, I was converted instantly to the richness of the red. It is with thanks to the hosts at Weavers that a bottle of this now sits in my wine cupboard at home waiting to make its debut in the household.


Finally, we were onto a place that in the first instance made no sense to me, 400 Rabbits located on Hurt’s Yard. After quenching my thirst with an incredible mocktail we were given a talk about the history of the place and found out why it is in fact called 400 Rabbits. Definitely a talking point at the bar if you ask them the question! Now, 400 Rabbits is in fact a tequila and mezcal bar and you cant get away from it either. It graces the wall in a decorative fashion along with day of the dead skulls, piñata’s and colourful Mexican ornaments. There is even a car engine on the ceiling above the bar which stores jasmine infused gin – a showstopper I bet when it comes to making a gin based cocktail!

400 rabbits nottingham

400 rabbits nottingham400 rabbits nottingham400 rabbits nottingham400 rabbits nottingham

All in all, I had a great night discovering new places with the team at Snizl and I will be revisiting them all, especially Weavers for their champagne tasting evening! Before I end my blog post though, I have to tell you about the Snizl app. It’s a great way to find deals and promotions that are on in the city from a wide range of businesses. There are even updates on events such as food lanches, birthday celebrations and even gigs at Rock City! Download the app and see how you can experience new, incredible venues and save some money too!

Have you ever visited these places before? What did you think?

A big thank you to the team at Snizl for organising, hosting and inviting me to this event. I have discovered some great new places to take my friends to and enjoy that I never would have even known about if it wasn’t for you. Thank you also for the lovely goodie bag too.

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