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Developing a skin care routine is a highly personalised thing. It depends on your skin type, the time you have available and the budget you have at your disposal; Nevertheless – what would the ideal be? It’s useful to daydream about the perfect routine. It might make you lust for products that are outside of your budget but it gives some guidance. By showing an ideal way of doing things, you can see how close you can get given your own personal circumstances. So without further ado, let’s start with a good daily routine to get into the habit of doing.


Step One: Cleansing. A cold cream cleanser works best here, not least because the richness of the cream can help with brushing sleep from your eyes. Massage the cleanser into the skin and then remove with a hot wash cloth.

Step Two: Exfoliating. There is a strong preference for chemical exfoliation over manual nowadays. Face “scrubs” have a tendency to strip the top layer of skin, whereas chemical cleansers leave this intact while still removing dead skin cells.

Step Three: SPF. Even on cloudy days in winter, SPF should be a part of your routine. You can often find it included with a moisturiser but the individual treatments tend to be the most reliable.

Step Four: Moisturiser. Something light that lets your skin breathe and provides a good base for makeup. If you have acne-prone skin, then oil-free is a good option here.


Step One: Oil cleansers are all the rage at the moment, and they are a fantastic, nourishing way to remove makeup and grime from the day. Massage into skin, add water to lather and then remove with a hot cloth.

Step Two: Your second cleanse should be with something creamier. Cold cream again is a good option but this can mean you run out of product sooner than you’d like!

Step Three: Retinols. Unlike many of the claims of skin care, retinols actually do work – they are scientifically backed to help prevent aging. They encourage the skin to regenerate at a faster rate. Check anti-aging ingredients labels to ensure they’re included.

Step Four: Toner. Using toner more than once a day can be overkill, so keep it in your night regime. There are manyΒ types of face toner, so do your research and find one that suits your skin type.

Step Five: Night cream. A good night cream will be rich, loaded with peptides and nourishing Vitamin E – all targeted to help skin regenerate whilst you sleep.


You might be wondering why certain products that are often mentioned have not been given their fifteen minutes in this blog post. Of course, there are all sorts of lotions and potions you can try – but this is about establishing a baseline.

Eye Cream: Eye cream is not necessary if you are following the above steps accurately.

Lip Balm: If you’re drinking enough water (around two litres per day) then you shouldn’t need lip balm unless the weather is particularly fierce. Always examine your hydration levels if lip chapping is a problem for you.

What are your favourite products to use? Anything different in your routine? X

11 thoughts on “Super Easy Skincare

  1. Skin care is always my downfall, I always try to do a full routine, but struggle to be motivated when its late and i just want to scraw into bed! I am definitely sticking to a skin care routine a lot more this year than in the oast and really trying to push myself to stick to it as best I can most days! Love the post, but I have terrible dry lips and know it is all down to the dhydration haha!

  2. One of my favourite parts of the day is when I get to indulge in my skin care routine. I always try to take my time and enjoy every step. My favourite products are the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (I panic if I start running low on this) and I adore overnight masks. I recently bought the double cleanser by Pixi and Caroline Hirons which is fab, but I’m a bit of a floozy when it comes to cleansing and never seem to stick to one product for long! Great post and a really interesting read (as ever).


  3. This year is the first year that I’ve actually had a skincare routine and stuck to it 80% of the time and I do feel better for it!
    I love eyecream tho – the kiehls one makes my eyes feel SO nice! Bought some retinol products to try though so looking forward to intigrating into my routine! πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. I seriously need to get myself a skincare routine sorted. I have fits and starts. I also LOVE buying skincare products so I have far too many and I really need to get working through the. It was really interesting to see which products you recommend for different times of the day. I’ll definitely be bearing it in mind when I put my own routine together.

  5. I have a few products with a bit of retinol in but definitely want to get something more of a pure retinol or retinoid (I can’t work out which will be better for me) from the Ordinary at some point soon! Great post for those starting to work out where to start with skincare! xxx

  6. One of my personal favourites is Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica as it’s not as harsh as normal exfoliators and can be used daily (hence the name) to keep on top of the dead skin cell build up and it’s not harsh on your skin at all ☺️ Xxx

  7. Very informative post, I definitely need to invest in a product with retinol in! I always skip toner cos I just forget, but I always double cleanse at night! xxx

  8. I’m still trying to figure out a skin care routine, at the moment it just consists of moisturiser, serum and primer before makeup and makeup remover cream, moisturiser and maybe an eye cream but I find toners a little too harsh on my skin, or at least the one I’ve tried and I don’t like going to bed too oily!
    A go to has to be sudacrem for any spots that are coming up or even to help with sun burn!

    1. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ I do love a good clay mask! Tend to treat myself once a week to one especially on my T-Zone as I suffer with blackheads (pesky things!) Bodyshop do some amazing skin care products, great choice! X

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