The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learnt Being A ‘Blogger’

Firstly, blogger is a broad term. I wouldn’t say I am a ‘blogger’. I am a person who blogs. An individual enjoying a hobby that happens to be writing a blog. I would not put myself in the same calibre as someone who makes a lot of money out of doing it – maybe one day but right now, I am happy to enjoy the ride until I get there. Hats off to those making a sustainable living out of it because it’s not easy.

Secondly, blogging is hard work. Had someone told me the amount of time and effort required into setting up and maintaining a blog, I’d never had started one. Thankfully no one did and here I am today absolutely loving every minute of it but seriously, it isn’t easy. Never in a million years did I ever see myself trying to learn what on earth SEO is on what would usually have been my lazy duvet day Sundays. I even took it upon myself to gain a diploma in blogging and content marketing in the spare time that I had. Attending events is hard work, attending anything nowadays is hard work because always in the back of your mind is how to capture the best photos and your mind and memory working overtime to draft up a post in your head ready to jot down when you get home. (note to self: invest in Dictaphone) Plus, trying to get your content and photos seen in this huge blogosphere is tough when there is just so many of us out there doing it!

Blogging is expensive. Despite the sponsored content, the ‘freebies’* and the events, blogging comes at a cost. When you get into it, you find yourself wanting all the gear – even with no idea! I recently invested in the new Olympus Pen E-PL8 – did I need it? No. It has considerably upped my photography game already though and I haven’t even learnt how to use it properly but that was £600 I would never have spent if it wasn’t for ‘blogging’. The parking charges and/or travel costs when you attend events all add up over the year too. Last year I spent £370 on trains, parking and petrol travelling to events. I could have a holiday for that! Walking into a shop and seeing something that would look good ‘in the background’ on Instagram photos. Yeah, that £15 mug from John Lewis will look lovely with a Hudson filter. I find myself ‘prop-shopping’ in Primark every time I go into town now and can easily spend £20 on things that will live in a box until they come out for a photoshoot.

People can be very nasty. Sadly, I have had my share of negative people so far and whilst it’s very sad, it hasn’t affected my determination to continue. #SorryNotSorry. What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger right. I had a ‘friend’ who ran a secret blog who I told about mine when I first started and was very excited about obviously. A few months later, I found her blog and found posts written about me and how I always made her feel inferior. One that mentioned how she had her blog for years and never had the opportunities I’d been given in just a few months. Another that mentioned that I ran faster in a race that we both competed in. A series entitled ‘Why I Stopped Comparing Myself To Others’. I was in shock to find this considering we had become close friends, never had I felt I was making her feel that way nor did I feel I ever did anything to make someone inclined to write about that on the internet. There have been instances where there were tweets directed towards me, assertive messages about one thing or another and people being down right rude and awkward but you know what; I’ll continue to be myself. I know I am a kind-hearted person and will do anything in my power to see someone happy so you keep doing you and I’ll do the same. No one likes a Nega-Tron anyway.

People can be the nicest, most caring and supportive group of individuals you will ever meet. I have met and interacted with some amazing people since writing Sherry Scribbles, some genuine lifelong friendships. Whilst there are a select few I see on a regular basis outside of blogging for cocktails and catch-ups, it goes without saying that the ones I don’t see as often are still just as important and supportive towards each other. Sherry Scribbles has recently turned two years old and in that time I have made more friends than I thought I would ever had. Sadly, it bears down to moving away a fair bit that caused previous friendships to deteriorate but also a lack of effort to keep in touch on both parts. When I moved to Nottingham with Ben 3 years ago now, I didn’t have a lot of friends. Id moved to a new city and recently started a new job, left bad relationships behind and cut ties with my mother so I was finding it a bit difficult with my confidence and self esteem to get out there and meet people locally. I’d always had my best friend Heather by my side, Hannah a phone call away and always WhatsApp-ing Emma, I felt I didn’t really have much of a social life though (FYI, Heather & Emma live 45 mins away and have their own lives to live and Hannah works crazy shifts so it’s ever been easy planning things). Since starting the blog and participating in events, I have met some of the best group of friends a girl could ask for and now my diary is usually full of social events and exciting things and I have these girls to thank for bringing me back out of my shell and showing me a life worth living. You all know who you are.

*I just wanted to point out that whilst brands and PR companies may gift me items to review, they should never be considered as freebies. This is not the case by any means when it comes to having to use the product, put in the time to research, write up the review, take the photos and then market it effectively for optimum engagement. It should be classed as an alternative form of payment whereby the post is not sponsored by a brand specifically. There are too many people who want to start a blog just to get ‘freebies’ and this is not the case. A lot of hard work goes into even achieving these opportunities in the first place and they should never be expected.

17 thoughts on “The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learnt Being A ‘Blogger’

  1. Love the new look (theme) you have here, very simple and clean which I like 🙂

    Blogging is very hard which is why I can only do it in my spare time, It’s not something I ever see myself doing full time and yes it is expensive – especially all the events you do go to and pay money to get there but like you said you get to meet some pretty great people along the way

    You work so hard and deserve all the success that comes with it, don’t let the jealous people get in the way

    Leanne |

    1. Thank you Leanne! It really is! We do everything behind the scenes and our readers just simply have to read. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with the content that takes them five minutes to read. Does anyone even appreciate the requirement for photography 😂
      Seriously, thank you so much. If it hadn’t been for blogging, I’d have never met you! Xx

  2. I am so sorry you’ve had experiences with negative people. Blogging isn’t a race, it’s supposed to be a fun way for people of similar (or even different) interests to come together.

  3. There is so much you learn as a ‘blogger’ as you say, I am so sorry your friend wrote some horrible things on her blog about you, I know some of my past friends wouldn’t have been so supportive if they knew, but I’m lucky to have a group of friends now who support me and are happy for me with my blog, but it can still be hard sometimes. I totally agree on the time effort side too, if I had know I would be staying up till the early hours scavanging time to blog while missing out on sleeo for going o my full time job in the morning, would I have started? Maybe not so willingly, would I ive up now? Not without a fight! You are without a doubt one of the loveliest girls I know, you are a pleasure to be around and such a blogging inspiration in so many ways, keep doing what your doing, its amazing, and you can see how hard you work! X

    1. Oh Sarah that was so lovely to read, thank you so much ❤️
      With regards to the ‘friend’ I never would have thought someone could do that yet be so nice and polite to your face. IMO, a true friend would talk about their feelings not write then for the whole world to see. Better off without I say!
      It is like having three full time jobs at the moment but like you, I’d never give it up now. I’d never get to see you again otherwise what with all these events – we are all super busy but still manage to find time to support one another. That’s real friendship x

  4. I loved this post Sherry. Blogging is bloody hard, but like you I love every second of it. You have achieved some incredible things over the last two years and should be so proud. I’m really glad blogging has brought you into my life and a massive BYE FELICIA to who ever wrote those ‘secret’ blog posts. Keep doing you because you’re bloody brilliant!


  5. Love all of this, I wrote a very similar post in the middle of last year called Tips for New Bloggers and said if you’re hear for the Freebies you might not be here very long!
    I’m so sorry you went through that with your ‘friend’ how bloody awful, at least you’re stronger, wiser and a even more total bad-ass blogging babe for it now. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks! xxx

  6. Thank you for writing this – from all the new bloggers out there!
    It’s incredibly easy to start blogging thinking; ‘I’m going to get money, freebies, sponsorship ect…’ without thinking about all the hard work that goes into it! It’s like another part-time or full-time job and I 100% believe that you reap what you sow into it.
    In just the few months I have been blogging myself, I’ve found that it’s difficult to be able to put down my phone/laptop because there’s always a to do list on my desktop with ‘learn how to…’ or ‘write about…’, ‘post about,,,,’ and it goes on. I underestimated how much work has to go into it and I’m not even going to events or getting anything but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Thank you for showing me almost the ‘development process’ of how you’ve got to where you are now in just a couple of ears – it’s really encouraging!

    1. Hey Jessie!
      It’s tough! And it will only get tougher but it’s worth it all! Can you DM me your email on Twitter, id love to send it over to some of the PR’s I work with, get you involved with local bloggers and events 🙂

  7. This is such a brave post to write and a lot of it rings so true i was literally having the same thoughts this morning when i woke up with a migraine for the 3rd day in a row wondering if it was all worth it! Im so glad it isn’t just me that thinks it! Sherry you are genuinely one of the nicest kindest people i have ever had the pleasure to meet and you have been so kind and generous to me that i couldnt have ever expected or asked for and i am so grateful for that because you didn’t have to do any of it! Keep doing you girl cos you’re slaying it 💕💕 xxxx

  8. I can’t believe someone would be so childish! Although I think the problem is some people get too wrapped up in what everyone else is doing! I know that my blog isn’t glossy and won’t ever be but it’s helped my mental health so much, that I’d never consider not doing it

  9. This is such a great post. It’s so true how may things you have to learn as a “hobby blogger”. I started my blog as an online journal and just wrote down thoughts and feelings. I never thought I’d need to know about legalities, SEO, PRs and No-Follow links. Luckily, I’ve never had any trolls or nastiness (yet!) but I’m really sorry you have. There’s just no need for it in my mind. I’m really glad I’ve found your blog – it’s always a great read!

    1. Awh, thank you Stacey! I try to remove all negativity from my life because I just don’t need it. You always end up going in circles. I just hope this post helps new bloggers understand that it can and sadly, probably will happen as you begin to grow your brand. Xxx

  10. Such a shame that you’ve had negativity and some meanies 🙁 but you write a great blog and you’re a great lady so just keep doing what you’re doing! I’m so glad to have met you through all of this! Xxx

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