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Stress can affect all aspects of our lives. Our sleep, concentration and productivity can all be compromised when we become stressed. Stress triggers include work pressure, relationships and money problems. In short, we can all be affected by stress. The most serious consequences of stress are headaches, anxiousness and even depression. So with that in mind, it’s more important than ever to take care of our mental wellbeing. Whilst there are various coping techniques that include exercise and stopping smoking, it’s okay to start small. When stress hits it isn’t always convenient to whisk yourself away for a mini spa break. So transform your home into the ultimate oasis! 


Creating an ambient space that you can escape to after a long stressful day is important on the road to de-stressing. The bathroom is a good option because it’s a private space where you can be alone to take some meditative time to reflect. Ambience is important so turn off any glaring lights, that includes phone screens and bright bathroom lights. Deck your bathroom out with some scented candles. Not only will this help to add a bit of luxury to your new oasis, but it’s a good way to calm down and focus on the sweet smelling candles! Nothing is better than a bubble bath with gorgeous smelling candles flickering away.

Be sure to leave your phone outside the door and if you can any books or magazines too. It can be tempting to bring these into the bath with you. Whilst you may find reading relaxing, the aim is to shut your mind off a little bit. It’s a time for you to not have to focus or concentrate on anything other than you. 

The Clothes

Make sure you lay out the clothes you want to wear after your mini spa! The last thing you want is to destress and then start having to hunt down pajamas and bathrobes. Waffle dressing gowns are a lovely lightweight bathrobe, which you’d usually find in spas and hotels. Add some luxury to your homemade oasis with a decadent dressing gown for afterwards. If bathrobes aren’t your thing, invest in some silk pajamas that look and feel great. This is also subconsciously important for feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. 

Beauty Products

Take the time in your little oasis to properly cleanse your skin. It will leave you feeling fresh and can also help to remove the stresses of the day. Use calming face washes which will remove any traces of makeup. Follow with a toner and finally finish with a moisturiser or serum. Night repair serums are a good and hassle-free way to take care of your skin overnight. 

If you really want to treat yourself apply a face mask instead. Renee Rouleau has a great range of masks which promise to detox skin, leaving it smooth and restored. Alternatively try some of her skin peels. The berry peel, a celeb favourite, gets to work deep in the pores, cleansing and restoring balance.

What are your favourite things to do to de-stress?

15 thoughts on “Simple Spa Style Stress Relief

  1. I love nothing more than a pamper evening! I even lay my clothes out every morning now to save me getting stressed about what to wear! I absolultey love the yellow glow of the bathroom when aaaaallll my candles are lit! xxxx

  2. This sounds perfect Sherry – I think I could do with a mini oasis right now! I don’t feel particularly stressed but have been so busy recently that I feel really behind in everything and the pressure to get back on top. My favourite ways to destress are pretty classic ones – a good bath (filled with Lush of course), candles and a face mask. I also find doing my nails really soothing for some reason.


  3. This sounds perfect! I always like to have a Sunday night destress in the bath, that way I am refreshed and stress free for the week ahead. I usually shower through the week for ease and its much quicker when your home from the gym, but I am guilty of using my phone or reading a book in the bath, so I take note not to in future!

  4. I have had a nightmare recently with having no hot water at home and I have totally missed it. I like to light a lot of candle s and use my posh skincare haha One of my big goals when we finally buy a house is that I am going to make sure the bathroom is a total oasis!

  5. This is so true, i love this post! I always forget about candles in the bath and im usually using my phone! Definitely need to leave it outside! Thanks for the fab tips! 😊 xxx

    1. A candle lit bath is the one Soph! Deffo leave it outside. We bought a waterproof speaker recently and its bluetooth so I’ve been blasting out Andrea Bocelli – super relaxing.
      Sherry x

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