The Perfect Place for Prosecco

Gone are the days of ‘ladies what do lunch’ as we welcome in ‘babes what do brunch’ this year, made even better with a glass of the good stuff. The team at inTU Victoria Centre wanted to treat us local blogger babes to a Galentines Day filled with prosecco, presents and pampering and I’m NGL, it was one of the best Sunday’s I’ve had for a while.

The Rizzoli Prosecco Bar located on the first floor in the inTU centre in Nottingham boasts a broad menu of bubbles as well as a brunch menu with lots of Italian delights. With it’s ‘open air’ setting and modern aesthetics, it’s a great place to settle down for a coffee (or an espresso martini!) if you need a break from shopping, you are meeting up with the girls or if you just fancy some quiet, cosy, me time with a side order of people watching for good measure. We were hosted by the ever-so-kind Jeremy (who literally couldn’t do enough for you) we made our choices and within minutes they arrived, fresh as a daisy at our table. I’d opted for one of my favourite dishes, Antipasti di Saluma, basically an Italian tapas board bearing cured meats, Mediterranean vegetables and crisp green olives. 

The passionfruit Bellini went down a little too well with this dish which made me a little sad that I couldn’t drink another one (yep, I drove to a prosecco brunch, who does that?) instead I ordered a very refreshing elderflower presse to accompany the remainder of my meal and to take me through to dessert. I’d always wanted to try Affogato and when in Rizzoli, why the hell not?


I’d always expected to be presented with a bowl of gelato, doused in a shot of espresso which had solidified over the top almost like thick frozen chocolate. That’s not what happened but am I in no means complaining. Instead, a bowl of smooth, creamy ice cream graced the table, alongside it, an espresso. After pouring two thirds of the espresso into the ice cream and downing the rest before taking a spoonful of the cool dessert, I can see why this is a ‘thing’. The mixture of temperatures, the concoction of coffee and cream and the fresh flavours battling each other to be more prominent. It was delicious in every meaning of the word.


We were then presented with a gift from the lovely ladies at inTU, wrapped beautifully in candy pink and white striped paper, finished with a grey bow (how very pinterest) and inside, a phone case from SkinnyDip London (they have a stand in the centre FYI!) I actually swapped with Lora as the one she got was a little more up my street and she preferred mine so I ended up with this super shimmery white and silver case with SkinnyDip embellished on the side. Thank you inTU & SkinnyDip!


When all cocktails were consumed, it was off to House of Fraser for some serious pampering with some of the beauty counters on the lower floor. I’d chosen to be made over by one of the artists based on Bobbi Brown as I’ll admit, I have never even used a Bobbi Brown product so I was interested to see how they fair up in comparison to my typical go to brands.


Concealed and covered it was onto the eyes and as I was heading off to a baby shower after the event, I requested a subtle smoky with a hint of sparkle and that is exactly what I got. I absolutely love the look and I am contemplating it for my wedding day makeup! There is a mini ‘how-to’ appearing on their channel soon so be sure to check that out and see how you can achieve this look at home.


A huge thank you to inTU, Café Rizzoli and House of Fraser not only for your impeccable hosting skills and generosity but also for the amazing day I am sure was had by all. It was a great way to spend a Sunday in the company of so many great girlies who support one another. What a great way to celebrate the friendships bonded by blogging. We definitely raised a glass to that.

17 thoughts on “The Perfect Place for Prosecco

  1. I’ve read so many things about this event and it just sounded amazing! I’m so jealous. Everything I’ve seen from Cafe Rizzoli looks delicious and I must try and get there soon to try it out for myself.

    I’ve also never used Bobbi Brown before, but I would certainly consider it after looking at the look they gave you. As I said on your Instagram, you look fabulous in this photo!

  2. You look amazing! I am SO jealous of your skinny dip case, I’m getting my iPhone back pronto!

    Rizzolo looks amazing, the more I read about it the more my mouth waters… xxxx

  3. Everytime I read one of these blog posts all I can think is how amazing that brunch looks! Like I genuinely need to go there sometime! I havent been to Nottingham in ages because my anxiety has stopped me going anywhere thats not familier but I really love the city!

  4. I’ve read so much about Cafe Rizzoli now, I definitely need to stop. I quite like the idea that it’s a quick place for a luxury pitstop whilst shopping, but you’re not going to be stuck in somewhere for ages!
    You already know I loved your makeup, I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown, really need to pop into have a play into the store or house of fraser when I’m notts for the meetup 🙂 xxx

  5. Such a lovely write up of the day! I had so much fun and couldn’t believe how lovely the prosecco bar is, I can’t wait to go back! I love the way they did your make up for the make over too, it was so beautiful!

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