Show Off Your Style with Scandinavian Spectacles

We all know Hygge has taken the UK by storm, you know that ‘way of living’ where you fill your space with fluffy rugs, bright colours and keep things simple? Well who’d have though that an opticians can adopt the same. Danish optician franchise, CrossEyes (created by a man named Soren who apparently actually had cross eyes), has found a new home here in the UK and recently opened one in the heart of Nottingham. Located on Friar Lane, its close to the hustle and bustle of the city and certainly suits the ever growing hipster trend down to a tee. The owner of the Nottingham Store, Indy, was so enthusiastic and passionate about the brand and its values and with more then ten years in the trade, Indy (who also performs the eye tests himself, don’t worry he’s fully qualified!) saw an opportunity and he took it; opening CrossEyes in November 2016 and giving the spectacle wearing residents of Nottingham a fresh new style to choose from. With high ceilings and uber cool spotlights, simple yet stylish shelving and the brightest yellow chair atop a fluffy rug in the corner, what’s not to love right?

As a glasses wearer, I have seen my fair share of opticians, you know, the ones jam packed floor to ceiling with several different frames in several different categories with several different price brackets. Most of them feel almost clinical too, a bit lacklustre in the style department and somewhat overwhelming too. When I stepped through the door of CrossEyes, the same can’t be said. It felt warm, it felt spacious and it felt welcoming. There isn’t 5 people in uniform pouncing on you, veering you over to the pricey frames and script reciting the deals they currently have on offer. There isn’t standalone shelving covering every possible inch of the floor housing EVEN MORE options and there isn’t those awful uncomfortable button chairs in the waiting area. Instead, you have room to walk around at your own pace, feel cosy under the warm lighting and try on some super stylish glasses until you find ‘the one’.

The concept of CrossEyes is down to it’s transparency. No hidden charges. How many times have I chosen a pair of perfect frames with an already large price tag to then slap on extra for the lenses, the anti-glare and scratch resistance and heaven forbid how much extra for varifocals or transitions. Buying glasses is no longer an enjoyable experience with the anxiety of the bill at the end, the pressure of buying two pairs of expensive designer frames and the thought of saying no to all the added extras being slightly embarrassing, leaving the store feeling somewhat deflated and with a weightless wallet. At CrossEyes, you don’t get that. It’s a set price for all frames including your test, your lenses, anti-glare and after care etc. the only thing that factors the price is a slight increase in costs for stronger lens or varifocal requirements.

All the glasses are hand made and are shipped directly from Denmark within two weeks of placing your order and what I really like too is that any of the frames can be made into prescription sunglasses with a wide range of colours to choose from. Some of the frames even look as though they are made of wood, I mean come on, how cool can glasses get? They are infact still made of acetate but with bamboo fibres threaded throughout giving them a natural wooden look with the strength of plastic, not to mention they are insanely light too. After trying a pair of these on, it almost felt as if I wasn’t even wearing any.

The phrase ‘there is something for everyone’ gets banded around all too often but here at CrossEyes it rings true. All glasses are in fact unisex and there are shapes and sizes to suit, well, all shapes and sizes of individual faces. We are all unique and should be able to reflect our personality as we so wish. Glasses have become somewhat a fashion statement in recent years too and so there is a broad range of colours and styles available. CrossEyes also offer the availability to purchase non-prescription lenses for those who love the look and feel of wearing glasses but do not have the requirement for them.

There were a few new frames in store to sneak an exclusive peek at and I think I found my favourite pair amongst them. There were so many I liked, some that enabled me to channel my love for something a little bit ‘out there’ without being too bold either. The rounded blue ones certainly took my fancy but I also really liked the pointed red and the square shaped purple. All so different but equally as stylish. Definitely a game changer to my basic brown ones I currently wear!

Who knew you could fall in love with a brand so quickly and off the cuff as I have with CrossEyes, I love the vibe, the styles and the history. I love the enthusiasm the staff behold and I love that each customer is given the same treatment and have no confusion when it comes to cost and what part of the shop they should be looking at.

What frames would you choose? 🤓

CrossEyes is located at 32 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ (0115 837 5960).

A huge thank you to Indy, his sister Manpreet and the lovely Laura for hosting such a lovely event, providing us with prosecco and pastries and for the amazing goodie bags at the end. You will be seeing me again soon for some of your super cool specs!

9 thoughts on “Show Off Your Style with Scandinavian Spectacles

  1. I would have loved to have gone to this event, I love the glasses I’ve seen on everyones posts and I really want to go and look.I wear my glasses at work and definitely think I need a new prescription so I might have to pop in!

    See you soon xxx

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  2. I really need to go and get my eyes tested it’s been years since I went and I’ve noticed I’m starting to get headaches (could do without the bill with it just before the wedding though!).
    What a great concept behind the store, totally get what you mean with the transparency – I’ve been in a store and by the time I’ve finished I’ve been spending £300. The frames all look so cool and stylish, I think those blue ones might be my fave!

  3. I really should wear glasses for reading and computer use but I hardly ever do. I find them really bothersome (although I might get used to them if I wore them more often. I do like the sound of a more relaxed environment to choose glasses, plus a transparent pricing policy so I might have to give this place ago when I decided to buy my next pair.

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