Wedding Wednesday #1

So its been a couple of months since Mr C popped the question and the events organiser in me has gotten straight to it with the planning. I cant quite work out if im being over organised or over eager but either way, so far im smashing this wedding planning malarkey. 

I bought myself this super cute planner from House of Fraser at the Paperchase concession and its been a lifesaver. For the sentimentalist in me, I save everything, borderline hoarding I think. I find value in everything and struggle to part with it e.g. ‘I cant throw this away it was from my first ever wedding fair’ but thankfully, this little planner allows me to document everything and has handy little pockets to keep things in without being in the way or filling up yet another drawer with stuff that I should just throw away.

 After quite a bit of research (and pinteresting) the first thing we needed to do was find a venue so we browsed the internet for venues that suit our personal styles and our wedding requirements within the local area and landed on a few we liked. Sadly, I can’t afford the venue I would have my dream wedding in (Blenheim Palace if you’re interested) and the alternative venue after driving there a few weeks prior was just too far. This was before we had even seen the venue we have booked. I got an email out of the blue from Charlotte who runs Dyl&Co informing me about a wedding fayre happening. I ummed and ahhed about it because we were already due to visit Kelham Hall but after looking at the company website and having a ‘we got this email for a reason, perhaps this is where we should be going’ moment, I responded to Charlotte and we were put on the list. I’m not going to disclose the name of the venue but oh my is it everything I think I ever wanted. We both felt it ticked all the boxes, the location is perfect, the grounds are beautiful as is the building itself and inside is just perfect – not to mention the honeymoon suite – OMG is that a gorgeous room. So, the deposit has been paid and a date has been set. This was the moment it all became a little more real! 

Obviously, before we committed to signing a wedding contract with the venue, we had to secure a registrar as we are having the ceremony at the same venue too. Thankfully they had our time available on the day and so that is all booked. We are due to have our interview in May so I’m in the process of asking quick fire questions to Ben just in case! 

We decided on a colour theme (finally… I’ll tell you now it’s not easy explaining to your future husband that everything needs to coordinate) which then enabled me to organise our Save the Dates which might I add; I am absolutely in love with. I used a template on Papier to create our own unique style and one that I hope people will save and cherish forever. Here is a sneak peek without giving too much away at the kind of thing we are going for 


I also took my nearest and dearest friends out for Afternoon Tea at the Lace Market Hotel / Merchants Restaurant in Nottingham which was so good. At only £14.50pp, it’s a steal! Of course, I included a bottle of champagne in there too, whilst it was not a champagne I’d ever heard of, it’s certainly made it’s way onto my favourites list despite the £52 price tag. 

After demolishing delicious desserts, we headed over to a bridal shop to have some fun with the dresses and unbeknownst to them, I had a surprise for them all. I presented each of them with a gorgeous pink box filled with dusty rose, rose gold and white items such as Bottega Prosecco, a heart necklace, pink macarons a Cath Kidson pen and a notebook along with a card simply asking if they would be my bridesmaids. It was a little more emotional that I thought it was going to be – I had it all planned out in my head what I wanted to say but when it came to crunch time, I just couldn’t and cried instead. Thankfully they did too so I wasn’t a sobbing mess on my own!

(L-R: Emma (my longest friend and personal MUA), Heather (the best one and Matron of Honor), Me (the Bride, obvs), Layla (my sister and personal hairdresser) and Hannah (my best coffee catcher-upper and tapas taster) 

I haven’t 100% decided on a dress yet but we still have loads of time to make a decision, I think we might have helped narrow it down though to what I like. There is just TOO many styles and whilst I love them all, they were not the most helpful in saying I look good in everything haha!

I’ve got an appointment at The Bridal Room in Atherstone soon though with Heather to try a few more on in a more intimate environment with bubbles of course.

Oh, I’ve also purchased some shoes… not THE shoes I initially wanted but after much deliberation over the cost of them, I managed to find an almost identical alternative for a little less than half the price of the Jimmy Choos – I must admit, these ones are probably more comfortable too! They are the Freya Rose Chandelier in Ivory and they are simply beautiful. I have an alternative pair that I might change into in the evening that I bought from Kurt Geiger. A slight contrast to the Chandelier’s but these gold glittery ones will sparkle on the dancefloor during the reception.

I think that’s it for now. I must say, I am loving having this as a focus and everyday getting a moment closer to making my best friend my husband. I still get a bit giddy when I think about the moment I saw him get down on his knee and present me with my now most treasured item. If you haven’t yet read how he did it, you can read all about it here.

Are you getting married soon? How is your planning going? What are your thoughts on mine so far? 😊

13 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday #1

  1. Ahh, this is really lovely. Weddings are such an exciting time – like you’ve captured here, its not just the day itself, its all the little milestone moments leading up to it! My wedding feels like so long ago now, but I’ll enjoy reliving some of it through your posts! Nice to meet you properly at the Intu event last Sunday, I loved seeing your Bobbi Brown makeover, you looked stunning! x

    Sarah |

    1. It was lovely to meet you properly too Sarah! All that time following on Twitter and Instagram and we finally get to enjoy a glass of the good stuff together! Thank you so much, I was so pleased with the final result.
      Sherry x

  2. Aw Sherry this was the sweetest post to read. The planner you chose is adorable and I just know your big day is going to be perfect (with you organising it, how could it not be?) Can’t wait to see more details of the day as they emerge! As you know, no wedding on the cards for me in the near future but your giving me some inspo for when I finally meet the one!


  3. It sounds like you have all the important bits planned out already! I totally wish I had done something a little more special when I asked my bridesmaids but I literally rang them and screamed down the phone something along the lines of Im getting married will you be my bridesmaid haha

    1. 🙊 yep! I’m super organised when it comes to stuff like this. Someone at work said to me yesterday (whilst arranging my toast in a particular way) That it’s such a Sherry thing to do because it has to be perfect 😂 I plan things right down to the way my breakfast looks I am that bad! I think they liked the surprise, I was hoping the afternoon tea was leading them on thinking I’d ask them then and then I didn’t 😜

  4. I’m getting serious wedding envy reading all this. Planning my wedding was THE most fun I’ve ever had and I’d do it again in an instant – only better! We didn’t have Pinterest when I got married,

    The way you surprised your bridesmaids was so adorably cute! It’s so important to have your crew around you, when you’re stressed or just want to chat details. My little sister just got engaged and I’m enjoying living vicariously through her planning.

    I hope you have a fabulous time with the rest of the planning and can’t wait for more updates!

    1. 😬 I think I’m in the initial ‘fun’ stages where it’s all exciting and I’ve been warned it gets stressful so trying to tick off as much as possible so I don’t get too Bridezilla!
      Congratulations to your sister ❤️ you will do a fantastic job supporting her and the big day x

  5. Oh reading about all those initial stages is making me jealous – that was the fun stuff to sort haha!
    I love your save the date vibes, it took me ages to decided on a colour scheme (Ben had no say with me haha!).
    Like you say you have plenty of time on the dress! I left it to the last minute almost on the dress, I didn’t want to go out hunting for one, find one – love it, hate it a few months later and then had to buy another. I left it with a few weeks to spare (incase the shops I hadn’t booked to visit didn’t have “the one”!) – but luckily did find it pretty easily, I can’t wait for it to arrive – and it was under half by budget, winner!

    1. These are the fun parts I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the menu tasting though 😉 I love our Save the Dates, the people who have seen them say they scream Sherry all over them 😂 I am just so picky when it comes to clothes in general, I know when I like something and if I can’t stop thinking about something I have to get it! We will get there… x

      1. We’re having a serviced BBQ (platters of meat being brought to the table), and had the meat to take home and cook for ourselves haha!
        My invites went out last week and people are replying saying ‘they’re so you’ too – weird how stationery can be your personality!
        Yes I know what you mean, I think if I’d found some Jimmy Choos that I loved and fit and I decided I didn’t want to spend the money (because I wasn’t sure when I went to try them on if I’d want to), but it would have eaten me up if I’d fell in love with them!

      2. That sounds so cool! Is your venue partly outside too? Ahhh I’d love to see what they look like 😍 it is strange how you can be so much like a piece of card haha! I’m hoping the Freya Rose are comfy! Your wedding shoes are gorgeous though xxx

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