Havana Good Time | Revolucion de Cuba, Nottingham

If you live in Nottingham or have been on a night out in Nottingham recently, you will have probably ended up in Revolucion de Cuba. It’s the place to be on a Saturday night with all the latest hits with a Cuban twist blaring out, copious amount of choice when it comes to cocktails and just a really great vibe. It’s the place where most my nights out end and sometimes even begin and so I know the cocktail menu fairly well. However, the same cant be said about the food. If you remember, a while back I was invited to sample the tapas menu and whilst I could see they tried really hard, sadly it wasn’t worth the plate it was served on. That being said though, it seems the constructive criticism has been taken on board and the new menu is bigger and better than before and with even better offers to boot.

In a bid to change my mind, I was invited back once again to try out the food (with a cocktail of course) for a second opinion given my first was not quite what it could be. After perusing the menu and picking out our faves, Hannah and I made our order and awaiting to see what would grace our table.


Potatas Bravas – large portion, crispy skin with a salsa sauce of perfect consistency and toned down with the garlic aioli – only criticisim is not enough oil!

Chorizo – caramalised onions in a red wine jus – tender and juicy and packing in such a flavour.

Croquetas – not my favourite but I think it is down to having some of the best id ever eaten a few weeks ago when we were in Barcelona – perhaps give the chicken ones a try and let me know what you think.

Pil Pil – I love a good prawn and these were good prawns. Thankfully they arrived not staring me in the face too so that was a bonus. I always have to get Ben to peel them for me and it fills me with such sadness. These are served ready to eat in a gorgeous garlic sauce (so gorgeous in fact I was even dipping the chips into it!)

Nachos – a giant, and I mean GIANT portion of nachos covered in cheese, black beans, guacamole and salsa – tell me what’s not to love?

Skinny Fries – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, flavoured with the perfect portioned pinch of salt. Need I Say More?

Safe to say, Revolucion de Cuba have certainly upped their game since the last time and I couldn’t be happier. My favourite place for cocktails now serving my favourite kind of food and serving it well – but what about the dessert?


Hannah ordered the Churros which came served with a pot of thick, warm chocolate (YASSSS!) and a pot of Rum Caramel sauce too which was DELICIOUS! The churros although they look somewhat anaemic, they are perfectly crisp and flavoursome without being greasy which is a tough task to do.

I opted for the Molten Chilli Chocolate unsure really what to expect, I was served something even my imagination could not conjure up. Put simply it was a bowl of chocolate with fruit tossed in for good measure. Although the taste was there, sadly the presentation was not on this one. Id perhaps dish this one up differently and also with a lot less chocolate unless you can show me someone who can eat/drink that much in one sitting after 6 rounds of tapas. A little of this would go a long way so perhaps a smaller dish served alongside the caramelised bananas and the other fruit so you can drizzle or dip with the chocolate sauce.

It blended really well together and the sporadic kicks of heat that came from the chocolate was fantastic when it came to flavour although perhaps a smaller sieve to remove those chunks of chilli for those who don’t think spice is quite so nice.


Whilst it looks like a lot of food (which it is!) the price is small at just £14 for 3 dishes or 2-4-1 on Sundays you can enjoy great food, in a great atmosphere at a great price.

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