This is a post I have ummed and ahhed about for a while as it doesn’t quite fit my niche but maybe that’s about to change. It’s all about the word ‘Sorry’ and apologising too often. On the contrary to the popular Elton John/Blue ensemble song ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’ I believe this not to be the case. How often do you say ‘Sorry I’m late’ or ‘Sorry, dinner will be a little later tonight, darling’ quite a lot, amirite? I am a culprit in using the much loved #sorrynotsorry hashtag but to be honest, it’s probably my favourite because it’s genuine. I am genuinely not sorry. 

I’m not sorry for a lot of things, being late one of them. Unless of course it’s because I am late for work one day simply because I didn’t want to get out of bed for an extra hour then yes, I would be sorry but perhaps in a s*** you just got fired kinda sorry rather than a literal sense of the word. Instead of uttering that easy S word out of your mouth with the following sentence; So sorry I’m late, I’ll stay behind and make it up. Make what up? The time you lost because of an event you couldn’t control (unless of course its hitting the snooze button one too many times) You should start with; There was an incident on the motorway this morning meaning I got in later than expected, I can stay to make the time up if needed? – Make it an explanation with an open question and more than likely you will be seen as professional and you wont lose another fifteen minutes out of your day ‘making the time back up’ when it wasn’t your fault. Obviously you can only do this if it is actually the case because BBC Travel reveals all but there is no point banding about the word Sorry when really, you’re not.

 It begins to lose it’s meaning. Even if you are late meeting a friend for coffee, you are not sorry for being late, they know you will show up (eventually) and with whatsapp being the communication tool of choice, you have probably already messaged moaning about the traffic or you missed your train/bus/uber or whatever so they probably know. Instead, opt for the ‘thanks for waiting for me, traffic was a nightmare/my train was delayed/I walk too slow so I missed the train I could have ran for and had to catch the next one line. 
It’s also all about the ‘Sorry *nervous laughter*’ when you are trying to precision pack your shopping at the checkout in the supermarket but darn it they scan it quicker than I can bag it. I’m no longer going to be sorry because you scan too quickly for my liking. That’s not my problem. It is my problem that I like to bag things in a particular order but no one should ever be putting frozen peas in the same back as their toothpaste or spring onions IMHO. I’m the customer, I’m the one spending my money, I shall do it my way and if that doesn’t suit, yep you guessed it, #SorryNotSorry.

 Sometimes it’s when the person behind you in the queue moves within but a millimetre away from you ready to start packing their items but you are still gathering your things. I am DEFINITELY not sorry for that. Wait your turn and get out of my grill. 
Pedestrian traffic. Nope, not sorry for that either. If you looked where you were going instead of helping evolution achieve the crooked neck look in 2070 then perhaps we wouldn’t have this issue and NO I wont be sorry if you bump into me. It’s not my fault you were fifty scroll downs deep on facebook, twitter, Instagram or whatever. Perhaps it will teach you a lesson, watch where you are freaking going. It’s annoying and I’m sure facebook can wait until you are at least standing in a queue. 
I’m not sorry that I glare or kick people under the table when they get their phones out during dinner or when in the company of those who you are not normally. It’s rude and yes YOU should apologise but I wont for having to make you aware of your surroundings. 
I don’t have an Instagram theme. Someone literally messaged me to tell me how mismatched my Instagram feed was. Should I be sorry? No. I genuinely couldn’t care less. Don’t like it, don’t follow. We don’t all live life on a marble background and never have a hint of anything real happen. Oh and f*** me if I can find the right lighting to make a lightbox and props show up in photos – how do you guys do that?  I don’t have the patience which I am also not sorry for. 
I don’t watch or follow Zoella. I can’t stand her videos or the way she writes and you know what she probably doesn’t even care either which actually makes me happy. I’ll leave my strong (negative) opinions to myself but I’m not sorry I don’t own any of her products or *homeware* despite some of it actually looking pretty cute until the giant Z that is slapped all over it is in view. Thanks, thanks for taking everything I love in life and Zoella-fying it. Goddammit. I’m not even sorry if that annoys you or makes you want to unfollow. We can’t please everyone and SOMEONE has to be that guy, more than happy for it to be me. #SorryNotSorry
Let’s not harp on about the bad things that happen in life, we all experience dramas, issues and unfortunate events, I get that but to all those people that I annoy when I get excited about something good happening, I am NOT in the slightest little hint sorry. In life, we have to celebrate successes no matter how small they might be. Yes, I recently got engaged, yes I am up for an award, yes I am going to some pretty awesome events but do you think the months prior to announcing that was plain sailing? Ahhh hell nawwww, it was gruelling, work-til-2am and cry yourself to sleep kinda sailing. This s*** is hard work and you don’t get anywhere in life by standing still. So yeah, when something good happens, I’m gonna shout about it. #SorryNotSorry
People standing just outside the doors of a store you just walked out of to have a chat with Maureen from two doors down that happens to be passing by at the exact same moment I want to go into that shop and you are just stood there yapping as if you actually like each other – I am #SorryNotSorry for walking straight bewteen the two of you to make a point you are in the way.

Moral of the story – be less sorry. 

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