Here Comes the Bride(Zilla) or (Chilla)… | Which One Are You?*

Having become recently engaged and now being able to move the slider across from ‘secret’ to ‘open’ on my Perfect Pinterest Wedding (give me a follow if you like!); every woman will have a different approach to planning their wedding. Check out the options below to find out if you’re a bridezilla or a bridechilla…


What are your views on your engagement ring?

  1. Yes. I’ve been looking at Tacori engagement rings since our second date, and when he got me one that was slightly different from what I imagined, I refused to agree to marry him until he got the right one.
  2. He tied a blade of grass around my finger when he proposed to me spontaneously. It was very romantic at the time but then it fell off and I don’t know where it went after that.

When are you going to get married?

  1. Not sure yet, but I’ve made a spreadsheet detailing my close family members’ birthdays and planned trips so no one can make any excuses about missing it, and I’ve checked out the meteorological predictions and made a chart for every day in the year we’re planning on getting married.
  2. Not sure yet. We’ll probably decide a few days beforehand.

Do you want children together?

  1. Yes. One boy and one girl. I’ve had their names picked out for years and if my husband disagrees with them, we’re going to have some major problems.
  2. Haven’t really thought about it. I don’t know if he does either. Does it matter?

Okay, if we’re being entirely truthful, no one really falls firmly into either of those two categories – and it’s much better to find a combination of the two. If you tend to get stressed and uptight about planning, then it makes sense that you’d be ultra careful when planning your wedding; after all it’s supposed to be the most important day of your life but equally, you want it to be fun and you don’t want the run up to be super stressful. It’s important that you enjoy the last few months of unmarried life with your future husband and that you nurture your relationship through what could potentially be a tricky and stressful time.

But at the same time, it’s definitely important to do some planning. You may be very chilled and blasé about your wedding but your nearest and dearest friends and family members probably don’t feel that way. They’ll want to know when they need to be free, how many days they should book off work, where they’ll need to stay, what transport they’ll need to plan. Out of consideration for your loved ones, it’s important to get some planning done ahead of time, even if you enjoy spontaneity. It’s also important to remember that things get booked up quickly – if you want a certain venue, be careful that it doesn’t get booked by someone else!

If you want to plan the perfect wedding for you, make sure that you create a spreadsheet or purchase a planner/organiser so you can keep everything clear and plan what you have and haven’t paid for, what guests have RSVP’d and how much everything’s going to cost. A little bit of planning can go a long way into turning your day into something beautiful but over planning could turn it into a nightmare. Try not to be a bridezilla or a bridechilla – instead, simply be a happy, grateful, blushing bride.

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