Getting into the Christmas Spirit | Festive Fun at inTU Victoria Centre

One of my favourite ‘brands’ to work with since I started this blog is inTU. Without a doubt they spoil me with exuberant events, fantastic festivities and goodie bags to die for. I love nothing more than seeing an email pop up in my inbox inviting me to the latest inTU escapades and seeing what new things are on offer and December 5th was no exception.

Treated to a VIP area on the second floor in the Victoria Centre, boasting tweed furniture and dreamy décor from House of Fraser (seriously, I feel a living room revamp coming on…it was SO Pinterest!) a pristine white tree laden with sunburst orange and silver baubles and the inTU bird gracing the top. Thai Takeaway cocktails on tap from the tantalising restaurant that is Thaikhun – one of my favourite cocktails from one of my favourite restaurants in Nottingham.

House of Fraser Goodie Bags

After a jingle and a mingle with all the lovely bloggers who had attended, some familiar faces and some new it was onwards over to the Super+Super station where we would be let loose with glue guns and pompoms galore to create our very own one-of-a-kind, handmade Christmas jumper (they do workshops FYI!). I brought in a very traditional red soft wool jumper (courtesy of Primark, £12) and no idea in mind. With an array of patterned and coloured felts and enough sequins to cover Pluto, it was time to get my head in the game and pull something out of the bag. I loved seeing everyone’s jumper come to life and how unique they all were too. I opted for this throwback ‘wear me again’ style jumper with a white glitter bauble collar, an incongruous pink and off-white pompom, tails included, and green felt holly leaves decorated with shiny green holly leaf sequins.

Hand Decorated Christmas Jumper with Super+Super

After prying myself away from the sparkles, we were treated to none other than a Sloane Bro’s Fro-Yo, legit all the #FroYoGoals (yes, that is a thing). A chocolate flavoured creamy dessert embellished with gingerbread men, candy canes and meringue to name but a few of the toppings. Fro-Yo heaven guys, just saying.

 The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt

Before the event was over, we headed down to have a play with some very hot property. inTU Victoria Centre have got their hands on four of the much coveted HTC Vive Virtual Reality Experience kits. Of course, I put my hand out to have a go, it would be rude not to. The aim of the game was to decorate your very own virtual Christmas tree with an abundance of cute decorations. The scene was set outside a log cabin, in the snow with the Aurora Borealis trailing through the sky above you. Surrounding you, an everlasting woodland, a chirpy little snowman and a solitary pine tree that activates with a blink of your eye – literally. It is totally immersive and so much fun too. With the only limitations being the real world around you (damn you world!) you can go anywhere, frolic in the snow if you wish, explore the mysterious well by the woods or throw baubles off into the distance. When you have fully decorated your tree, topper and all, you can then snap your own photo of the finished product and it is sent directly to your email. Sadly, you then have to take your headset off and its back to reality. Of all the VR headsets I have tried, this one trumps them all. It’s pricey (£759) but if you think about the PPP (price-per-play)… I really am just trying to talk myself into splurging out on this incredible invention. (Here is to hoping HTC really like my review and send me one to enjoy for the entirety of my life)

Click here to book your slot so you can have a go too!

We left with a goodie bag filled with beauty treats for both him and for her and an insight into something spectacular coming next summer… watch this space!

Have you visited inTU Victoria Centre recently? Have you tried out the VR Experience?

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      1. Not really, it’s been so mild outside (it was pouring rain last night!) But I think it will be colder and more festive starting next week… 🎄

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