Indian Food, but Not As You Know It | Singh’s Fine Indian Dining, Nottingham

Everyone who knows me also knows about my love for spice which makes Indian food one of my favourites. I tend to order the Garlic Chilli Chicken and ask for it to be extra hot or; I might opt for a jalfrezi and again, ask for it to be served extra hot. I tend to disregard any other dish on the menu because I know it will not live up to my spicy standards and with that being said, I had never tried a Korma, until last Thursday.

Singh’s Fine Indian Dining is a family run restaurant based on Market Street in Nottingham has recently undergone a bit of a refurb & menu change and from what I can gather, this is pretty drastic.. Long gone are the generic Rogan Josh and Saag Aloo dishes but we say hello to exotic sounding plates with a more traditional Punjab flavour.

As ever my complete misjudgement of time and distance meant I got there very early but this allowed me to wander around and take my time with photos of the venue before anyone else arrived. A place laden with gold, dark luxurious wood and low level lighting for an intimate experience. I’ll let the photos do the talking for now…

When the whole party had arrived, a cocktail order was placed. One Cardamom Bubbles please. This is by far, the most beautiful and delicate cocktail I have ever drank but it packs a punch with flavour too. It’s almost syrup  like in texture so it goes down a treat and the sweetness offsets the bitter Brut bubbles.

Shortly after, not one, not two but five starters made way to our table for us to share and enjoy.

  • Trio of dips with crisp poppadums
  • Taronga Chicken Tikka – coloured Green, White and Yellow like the Indian Flag)
    • Green – Hari Chicken Tikka marinated in coriander, mint and chilli to give it that kick of heat.
    • White – Kaali Murch flavoured with black pepper and lychee, the perfect blend of sweet and bitterness.
    • Yellow – Skesari Murgh Tikka which has been infused with saffron and was as delectable as it sounds. The chicken was so tender on all three.
  • Duo of Amuse Bouche
    • Hari Chicken Tikka – a blend of the chicken form with mint, coriander and chilli.
    • Garlic Spiced Mushroom – button mushroom puree spiced with a hint of ginger.
  • Bhakra Champ – Locally sourced lamb chop boasting a flavour only Mr Singh knows about.
  • Machi Keparchay – a melt in the mouth tandoori cod loin with a hint of hotness.
  • Veg Bhujiya – the traditional take on the onion bhaji we know and love.

One of the things I love most about events like this is the chance it gives me to step out my comfort zone and try something new. I am very set in my ways and tend to order the same thing every time but here, I had the opportunity to taste things I would never even have looked twice at on the menu. I wouldn’t say I am that much of a fussy eater, I will always try anything once and so I did with the lamb that graced our table and being a non-lover of the meat, I was quickly converted.

Sadly, my stunning cocktail didn’t last to the mains so another was ordered, this time a Malai– a creamy coconut concoction that boasted the perfect autumnal flavour. As the hot plates made their way to our corner of the restaurant, they literally kept on coming, huge deep dishes filled with curry, pilau rice and naan bread both garlic and peshwari.

  • Kashmiri Karahi Chicken – the ‘real deal’ Korma. A mild dish with a thick texture and a coconut flavour, very sweet and very tasty!
  • Rajastharu Ghost – a spicy saucy dish which derives from Grandma Singh!
  • Dum Ki Nalli – lamb shank with spices and a keema based sauce – this one taste VERY meaty!
  • Peshwari Naan – this was so sweet it could almost be passed off as a dessert but it works so well with the kick from the curry.

Before the night was through and shortly after I regained the ability to stand with a stuffed midriff, we were given a tour of the kitchen and learnt about the way food is cooked in the traditional tandoor. We even got to see a fresh naan made by Mr Singh himself and watch the process happen right before our very eyes.

Have you visited Singh’s since the new menu? What did you have?

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