Give the Gift of a Lifetime

Last year, my best friend Heather bought me a posh pen for Christmas and it wasn’t until the other day when I was using it, I realised what a fantastic gift a pen really is. Nearly a year later, I continue to use it and every time I pick it up I think about the day I unwrapped it. Now, I am a sucker for stationary anyway, I have more notebooks than I could ever get through in my lifetime and I do love a good pen especially when it is a superior version to your standard biro. So this year, I plan on giving the gift of a lifetime and letting someone else feel the same as I do.

I know some people will see an £80 pen in the same light as an £0.80 pence pen but when you are holding a well made, luxury writing instrument much like this Cross Calais Ballpoint there is an air of undeniable exuberance when you begin to write with it. The curves and grooves of it fits perfectly within your grip and feels so much smoother than your usual rigid plastic casing.

I don’t tend to write with mine very often, I do however search for it when the time comes to jot down something important or when you need to write inside a birthday card and an ordinary pen just wont cut it. My handwriting becomes neater and I take all the care in the world when using my special pen. It makes me feel wealthy, signing my name off with an expensive pen, it makes everything you write down seem like an executive decision, I feel like the ultimate girl boss when using mine and knowing now I will bear this pen for the entirety of my life, with thanks to both Heather and the capability to buy ink cartridges for it, I will forever feel important by doing something so simple; a daily task we take no notice of becomes a much more enjoyable experience and we begin to find our passion for writing by hand once more.

 Every time I use it, I think of Heather, it brightens my day. Who would have thought an every day, inanimate object could make you smile. I would love for someone to feel like that, to think about the memories they share with the gifter each and every day literally for the rest of their lives. An expensive pen is much more than what would be deemed of as a waste of money – it is a gift that keeps on giving and in more ways than one.

 If you are struggling to buy for someone this year, I recommend a stylish, luxury pen. Cross has so many different styles to suit the modern gentleman right through to the fashionista females and with a vast range of prices ranging from £25 right up to £4,500 there is something for all budgets too. You can guarantee this gift to last forever too with refills selling for as little as £3.25. Cross sell more than just high-end luxury pens from watched to journals and wallets to eyewear, so if its the Cross name you are after but not sure a pen would cut it, check out the rest of their wares.

I genuinely want to get my dad the whole set of the new Star Wars collection, as an avid collector of film memorabilia, he would absolutely love to add these limited edition pens to his collection.

It goes without saying though, that buying a high end item as expensive as it may be, when presenting this gift over to someone, you want them to feel excitement so I opted to wrap mine up with this gorgeous mint and gold wrapping paper from John Lewis, accentuated with a pastel pink ribbon and mint, pink and white accessories to make it stand out from the rest.

*This post has kindly been sponsored by Cross Pens. All items within this post were gifted to me, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I genuinely never thought about the value a pen can actually bring to ones life and I highly recommend a posh pen as a present.

2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of a Lifetime

  1. Sherry, I totally agree that a good quality fountain pen is a fantastic gift – and Cross fountain pens are right up there as one of the best brands around.

    The great thing is that you can actually use a fountain pen as your everyday pen, and not just have to save it for special occasions. Modern fountain pens wear well and the ink systems are quite easy to use with confidence that you won’t spring a leak.

  2. Long live the pen! As the proverb goes, it’s mightier than the sword. On occasions, I still write a letter using my fountain pen. Much better to use and definitely better to look at than a biro!

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