What Went On This Weekend | November 5th & 6th

Happy Monday folks! 

I read a lot of blogs online and really enjoy posts in particular that are personal and talk about the kind of activities they got up to over the week or weekend and I said in one of my earlier posts I want to try and do that here a little more and last weekend, was pretty good actually!

Friday night we didn’t really do too much. A quiet night in with Patch and Ben watching Gogglebox, I don’t quite remember what we had for dinner that night but I remember it was followed up with sticky toffee pudding by the fire!

Saturday was all kinds of busy. With a bit of work left over to get on with and some house work to be done, by around mid-day I peeled myself out of my pj’s (you cant clean your house in anything but, right?) and continued to get myself ready as we had a whole evening planned for Bonfire Night and I had booked myself in to get my hair sorted and thought I’d head to my favourite beauty counter for a bit of a makeover too (Benefit in John Lewis btw!) whilst Ben snoops around upstairs and picks out what TV we should buy next month along with an assortment of other gadgets he now has his eye on including a sonos speaker system and a nest thermostat, which I have to agree is pretty snazzy and is easier to configure than the bloody thing we have now! We also couldn’t go into town without trying out one of the new Christmas Costa’s! One Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate to go please…


So, silver lidded and winged eyeliner complete (thanks Shadrine!), I head over to Rush Hair & Beauty for my mop chop and left Ben to his own devices until I leave the salon looking and feeling super glamourous with thanks to Aaron and his incredible talents.


A few weeks back, Ben booked us to endure one of the new escape rooms at Escapologic in Nottingham on Saturday called 13utcher. After watching just the trailer on their website once he had told me, I had been plucking up the courage to immerse myself into it but nothing could prepare me for what it really was like. Think Saw, then think you just got dropped into it. You have one hour to get the fug out. Seriously, this was the scariest thing I have ever done, it is super intense and eerie. I jumped a few times, almost cried and my heart rate was at an all time high. It was SUPER fun though and I cannot wait to head back and try out another one of their rooms. Sadly we didn’t beat the 13utcher but we were close, another 5 minutes more maybe… We were told it is by far the hardest challenge out of the six rooms available at Escapologic with the lowest escape rate and highest quit rate! If you are looking for something different to do with your time, definitely head to Escapologic located on castle gate in Nottingham!


Feeling like we needed a drink after that, we headed to Prezzo for some food before we were on our way to the recreation ground to see the fireworks although sadly, due to how busy it was and the one way system they had created with traffic cones, it was an absolute nightmare to find anywhere to park and it looked super busy anyway so we headed back home only to find that there was a pretty good show to be seen right outside our bedroom window – silver linings eh!?

We decided to watch Saw as Ben had never seen it and after what we had gotten up to earlier, it seemed like an apt film to watch.

Sunday was one of those do-nothing-all-day kinda days. Gotta love them sometimes, I spent the day uploading my photos from last weeks events and scheduling what I would be doing this week in terms of the blog. There isn’t a week I don’t have something planned now right up to when we go away to Barcelona next month so it’s all go-go-go right now. We did leave the house yesterday, we went to get some wood for our log burner, marshmallows and some ingredients to create these Chocolate Chip Nutella Melt in the Middle Star Cookies – yes, they tasted as good as they sound/look!

Then it was an evening of X Factor, Mock the Week and Match of the Day before my head hit the pillow ready for another busy week.I have posts coming up about Go Outdoors, Red Dog Saloon, Ways to Wind-down this Winter amongst a few others and then I’m off to Coast2Coast on Wednesday to give their burgers a go!

I’d love to know what you think about this kind of post and if you would like to see more like this? I’d also love to know what you got up to over the weekend too!

Sherry x

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