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It always comes as a shock to people when they find out I don’t eat breakfast. I’m more of a brunch and a bellini kinda girl. The thought of eating as early as I wake up for work makes me sick to stomach and the usual suspects in the cupboards don’t really do it for me either. I cant stand cereal that goes soggy in a second so the wheat, corn and rice variety are out of the question. I really dislike porridge and I struggle sometimes with toast too. You know if you put the butter on too soon after it pops out the toaster and it goes a little bit ‘moist’ eurghhhhh. Surely no one wants that in the wee hours of the AM?

Studies show that people who eat breakfast are able to make the most of their mornings a lot better than those amongst us who don’t and as my lifestyle is getting busier and busier I’d love to be able to drink my coffee and be on the go rather than drink my coffee, watch the news, drink another coffee, spend a couple of hours getting ready, drink another coffee and then think about what to do for the rest of the day.

So, I’ve been challenged by Shreddies to push my precedents aside and give their new Shreddies Max Granola a go in the hope I can MAXimise my morning.

Usually, when I’m driving to work around 6:30am, Nick Grimshaw is usually reading out the tweets of those super fit gym bunnies who have gone for a sesh before work at 5am, talking about how he wishes he was one of those people. I too wish I could get my lazy ass out of bed at 5am, drive to the gym, have a 45 minute regime to work through, get showered and head the rest of the distance into work. But I’m not. I set my alarm for 5:45am and hit snooze. Three times usually. Then have 20 minutes to get ready and spend the rest of the day wishing I’d gotten out of bed and done something with my life for those 25 minutes I spent ‘snoozing’ (it’s not really snoozing is it, its trying to calculate when your alarm is going to go off again and sometimes checking your phone two minutes before its about to buzz and changing your alarm to the next available alarm time).

Monday came and I (begrudgingly) got out of bed when my alarm startled me awake at 5am. I wont lie, there was more motivation to hit that snooze button than to actually move from under the duvet but I did it and made my way downstairs, wrapped in my fluffy robe and with slippers on my feet, laboriously pouring myself a bowl of Shreddies Max topped with almond milk (oh yeah, we don’t do dairy in this house either…) As you know, earlier in this blog post I mentioned that I literally cannot stand soggy cereal so my bowl was finished in an instant and much to my surprise, I’d felt immediately alert. That could be the shock of a bright light so early in the morning or the cat meowing at me because he wants feeding but I felt ready to face the day and quickly got into my gym gear, packed my work clothes and headed off to the gym.

One thing for sure is that I am not a 5am Radio 1 listener, the dance anthems still pumping out the bass at that time in the morning. Not for me bro, not for me. So on goes Spotify for some milder music (The Weekend if you must know, so not really that mild). I’m driving towards the big brick building and thinking about what I aim to achieve in the 45 minutes I’ll have to myself there. I just couldn’t believe that I, the person who would do anything to NOT go to the gym, was up earlier than necessary on a Monday morning and actually going to the gym.

You know something. This continued all week and I am super glad that Shreddies has enabled me to get back my fitness mojo and given me the motivation to MAXImise my mornings. We take them for granted sometimes and I’ll be your bottom dollar that I’ll enjoy it even more when spring comes round and the sun begins to rise just as I approach the hill to my workplace.

Plus I get to bring out this super snazzy F+F gym setsout the back of my wardrobe again…

Now onto the stats. Shreddies MAX, in all its granola-y goodness, contains¥ 10g of protein, 3.30g of fibre and 5.3g of those good-for-you fats, no added sugars or preservatives. Great right? Yes, great when they help you not only mentally but physically too. I even lost a few pounds that week! I plan to continue MAXImising my morning with my new found love for breakfast, especially in granola form – I don’t have to eat it so quickly either because it is super crunchy and doesn’t soak up too much moisture – perfect. For all those flavour mavericks out there they even do a cranberry version too!

How do you MAXimise your morning?

*This post has kindly been sponsored by Shreddies. All views and opinions of the product are my own.

¥based on a 45g serving with milk. 

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  1. Hi Sherry. I too can’t eat breakfast when I’m home, but once on holiday, I can eat for England! Now why is that? xx

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