Make Way for your New Best Matte

This year I have been a sucker for a bit of lippy and really have gone all out broadening my colour collection. Once a simple glossy pink kinda girl, my lipstick holder now houses a selection of reds, browns, nudes, purples and even a blue. Although, gone are the glossy days – now it’s all about that matte.

I think I have found a sure fire contender to my current favourite, Backtalk from the Urban Decay Vice collection, with its gorgeous cool lilac tone and non-drying properties, this one has become my ultimate favourite for 2016. Until the new Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte collection dropped through my door a few days ago.

With nine fabulous new shades ranging from a barely there nude to a bright and bold berry, I guarantee you will find your new best matte in one of these lipsticks.

(L-R: 610/High Flyer, 700/Trendsetter, 200/Salute)

(L-R: 500/Take the Stage, 120/Call the Shots, 110/Leader of the Pink) 

(L-R: 800/Run the Show, 810/The Matte Factor, 750/Looks Who’s Talking) 

The packaging boasts a vibrant red tube (a clear differentiator to the original black casing of The Only 1) with an engraved crown at the top of the lid and bearing the Rimmel name down the side. The bottom detailing the number and cool names of the shades.

At first glance, I was a little apprehensive of the round slanted shape of the lipstick itself and wondered how it would fair up in comparison to it’s sharp pointed opponent, however I was surprised by the ease of use, the bold straight edges and the slick application. No need for my trusty lip brush to come to the rescue!

What I can vouch for is the statement on Rimmel’s website –

“The perfect balance of high impact matte colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power.”

  • High impact colourcheck. Its clear visibility from the get go and one coat is enough. You can top it up though for an even stronger look, because it is instantly mattified, your first coat wont budge at all.
  • Moisturecheck. Hallelujah there is a matte lipstick with the feel of gloss. No more lip cracking sensation for me when wearing one of these dark horses on my lips! Even whilst pouting the lips together, there is a glossy feel although to touch, it doesn’t wipe away.
  • All day comfortcheck. Definitely, in fact, it is so light, you forget you are wearing it. Your lips feel soft and supple and they look damned sexy too with the gorgeous colours available.
  • Staying power check, check and check! Its all about the coffee cup test right? With The Only 1, I experienced NO transfer whatsoever. This stuff does not wear away, does not fade and really does stay put all day. Well done Rimmel.

I’m starting to think I should have called this post MOVE OVER rather than MAKE WAY. This range really has blown my mind in terms of both affordability, durability and wearability too. For just £4.99 a pop you can be the proud owner of three of these babies in comparison to the price of just one Mac or Urban Decay lippy and I bet they last three times longer too with thanks to the longevity of the product on your lips.

So, if you are looking for a stay all day and slay kinda lipstick, definitely give The Only 1 Matte Revolution by Rimmel London a go. They will not disappoint. You can thank me later…

*the products in this post were sent to me for collaboration purposes on my blog. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Seriously guys, these are great! 

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