The Timeless Appeal of Elegant Dressing

Fashion trends come and go, but there is something that stays intact despite all of the fashion changes and plot twists in terms of what’s gaining momentum and what’s definitely out. We’re talking about the timeless elegance that goes beyond all of this. This elegance always finds its way to sneak up on the fashion shows, in more or less the same form: just check the latest Ralph Lauren’s fall lines at the NYFW and you’ll see a modern twist to this classic style (e.g. the vivid purple women suits or sequined maxi dresses). Everlasting icons of this style include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, and Elizabeth Taylor, and these incredible women can be your style teachers. Here are the essentials to the sophisticated look.

Mesmerizing simplicity: the little black dress

While its silhouette has changed over the years, the little black dress remained a must-have fashion item in every woman’s closet. The original was a simple-cut dress of short length, but today there many variations: mini, midi and maxi dresses, sleeveless or with long sleeves – there is something for everyone’s taste. Audrey Hepburn may be the wearer of the most famous LBD designed by the Givenchy. She wore it on the cast of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and here’s how you can copy the look: combine a simple black maxi dress with classic black stilettos. You may want to skip on the elegant gloves: it will create a costume-like look. Stick with simple jewelry: pearls are timeless, but you can also experiment with minimalistic necklaces or cuff-earrings. Moderation is everything for an elegant look; avoid modern heavy detailed accessories and chokers.

Bossy elegance: women’s suits

Gone are the days when it was scandalous for a woman to wear pants. Victoria Beckham is the absolute queen of the sleek business style: classic elegance of her look is reflected through carefully selected materials and cuts. High waist pants or hip hugging ones accessorized with a thin belt have always been a crucial item for office-elegance. A simple black jacket with subtle shoulder pads enhances your posture. If you aim for the timeless chic, you should stick with a black and white combo: this duo-chromatic approach ensures a sophisticated look. Even the deep V-line of a blouse is tasteful in this combination. Aim for fashionable and classic cut ladies’ suits that give you a freedom to combine different outfits. As for the footwear, choose simple leather black heels or pointy flats.

Accentuating curves: a high-waist pencil skirt

Pencil skirts became popular in the 1940s when they were introduced by Christian Dior. The original ones, worn by divas such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, were just beneath the knee-length and enhanced the waist, which was extremely sexy during the days. Shirts were always tucked in, which is a trend that survived all the way to the modern times. Today, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian popularized the pencil skirt by modernizing the look. However, for a more classic style, stick with a monochromatic fine fabric skirt. Pair it up with a cashmere sweater or a silky sleeve-less blouse and simple heels. Style your hair in a sleek updo, grab a clutch purse or a chain shoulder bag – and you’re done!

Devil’s in the details: classy accessories

The right type of accessories can completely transform your outfit. Choose pieces that are known for being a part of the classic-chic look; oversized vintage sunglasses are a great choice, as well as silky scarves and tasteful jewelry. Avoid anything that’s too invading, including overwhelming patterns and animal prints. A tasteful ring or earrings, as well as a nice leather watch are also great ways to complete the look. Avoid the tawdry look – less is more! 

Remember the advice of wise Coco Chanel; “Before you walk out the door every day, take one thing off.”
These simple pieces made an eternal imprint in the fashion history and stayed a powerful means to radiate beauty. With respecting just a few rules, you will easily achieve the head-turning classic look.




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