If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change.

Hopefully, by coming along and reading this, you will have seen that Sherry Scribbles has had a little bit of an overhaul! I am part way through the transformation so please bear with me whilst it looks a bit of a jumble, I promise it will be just perfect when I am finished with it.

Basically, the past few weeks I have started to fall out of love with blogging and lost my spark and I couldn’t figure out why. Writers block? Perhaps. Busy lifestyle? Maybe. After hours of solid thinking and giving myself a headache, id conjured up a few questions I needed to find the answers to.

The first one being – is my blog a true reflection of myself?

Of sorts, yes it is but it also isn’t. I find that I have began to write about anything again and failing to remain true to what I want this to be. I have become the ‘yes man’. An opportunity comes along and I am in shock even to have even been asked, how could I possibly say no. Well, it turns out I can but I have gone one better and to remain true to what people want to see, I have some big news over the next month or so to announce. I cant write about beauty but I know someone who can. I don’t know the first thing about applying makeup properly but I know someone who does so watch this space in terms of beauty posts for the foreseeable future of Sherry Scribbles.

In terms of food, I still love food and I’m pretty sure my scales would confirm that. I also still love cooking but I use cookbooks, I don’t have the experimental streak within me to create my own recipes and I obviously cant plagiarise others. Perhaps in the future I might have more time to throw a few ingredients together and hey presto, make a tasty concoction of something edible but for now, I am happy to eat all the food and try out new places and ensue my passion for good food and fine dining into the words on this blog so you will see more restaurant/eatery reviews over here.

One thing I have a passion for is travel and I seem to have completely dismissed that from Sherry Scribbles. I have been lucky enough to visit so many places but still have so many more to see and I want to share my travels. I’m no ordinary holidayer, I love to wander down the side streets and partake in something only the locals would. I’d rather ramble up the ruins than bask in the sun on a beach. I love to spend some quality time in the local town, taking photos of the tourists trying out the local delicacies than confining myself to the walls of the hotel. Don’t get me wrong though, by no means am I a backpack traveller… give me the 5* luxury life hotels please, although I would spend a night in a tent in the rainforest just for the experience and a story to tell the kids in the future! I want to submerge myself deeper into the wonders of this world and take you with me.

And oh, hasn’t life changed since this little online adventure began? I am still getting to terms with some of the things that happen to me all with thanks to building this blog and having you guys continue to support week in, week out and I will forever be grateful. Something else I noticed is that there is nothing really…. me…. on this blog. I keep myself very reserved and don’t really give much away in terms of my life. A lot of you won’t know what I do for a living, you wont know my favourite colour, favourite food, I am just someone who taps away at her keyboard and publishes here. I want to share a little bit more about my latest journey having become self employed, trying to make a good go at life as my own boss because, it’s tough and scary! Feel free to take a peek over at my YouTube channel though if ever you find yourself wondering what I look or sound like!

The second being – what do people want to see or enjoy reading?

So, I went out to my nearest and dearest and asked their opinions. I got a lot of response from the lifestyle and experience elements of this blog rather than product reviews and I was SO happy to hear that. It is the answer I was looking for personally and their answers were a confirmation of my initial thoughts. My passion for writing about products are a little flat, that is where I have lost it and I think its because the majority are beauty based of which I have no real knowledge one. Heck, I’ve only just branched out into wearing coloured lippy! I am currently managing a home project of re decorating our bedroom and I know a lot of you have asked to see the before and after – I wont say yes just yet because it could end up looking like a shambles but take this as a solid maybe! Don’t let that steer you away though, there will still be reviews of new products they just might not necessarily come from me… 😉

The third being – what do I want this blog to be?

As much as I want to make everyone happy, all 3,287 of you currently, I also need to make sure I am happy with what I am doing here because otherwise, it will just show in my writing style that I am not 100% passionate about what I am writing and I certainly do not want to lose that passion… again. I sat down and thought about all the things I like to read, the things that interest me and wonder why I don’t showcase my interests on here too because there will be a number of you sharing those interests with me. I want this blog to be real, honest, informative and inspirational.

There will be some slight changes to the structure and style of this blog, nothing is going away, more so changing and hopefully for the better.

Thanks for sticking around guys and I really hope you like the updates! 

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