A World of Wanderlust

One of my ambitions in life is to see the world, or as much of it as I physically can. Growing up, I was quite lucky to go on family holidays every year and see some pretty amazing places. Tenerife, Zakynthos, Mexico, Majorca and a Caribbean Cruise which started in Barbados, tootled around the St. islands and Antigua, onto Portugal and back to the UK. I think I caught the travel bug from quite a young age but as I get older, I want to explore more and more, learn about the history and cultures of the places I visit, try the local delicacies and drink the local wine.

Since I reached an age where family holidays stopped, I met Ben and we started to go on our own holidays, I have still had some amazing experiences and I know there are so many more to come. In the 4 years we have been together, we have visited Barcelona for a city break, Paris for a romantic weekend getaway, Egypt for a week in the Sinai Sun, Budapest for a birthday break, Thailand for a luxury lifestyle, Andorra for some serious snow and skiing and Dubai for even more luxury.

Some of those were on my bucket list of the top places I’d love to see and when I sat down to think about it, I wanted to put my thoughts onto paper (or onto blog!) and share with you my dream destinations.


I can picture myself, staring up through the glass topped igloo of Kakslauttanen in Finland, taking in the sights of the Aurora Borealis cuddled up with Ben and a hot cocoa, revelling in its beauty. A day out in the snow with some super cute husky dogs to visit the reindeer or maybe see the whales who might even wave a fin at us. A dip in the Blue Lagoon and then on to the spa for some Icelandic Relaxation. Enjoy a culinary experience and eat things I’d never thought id get the chance to and learn about the history and culture of this magical part of the world.



A wander around the Old City of Jerusalem, walking through the ancient streets, a journey of discovery with many ample photograph opportunities, capturing history in one snap. Becoming mesmerised by varieties of cultures, religions and politics within this place. A history lesson at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, a profound experience bringing home a truth about what happened in Europe against humanity. I want to watch the sun rising above the Ramon Crater, gaze into the vastness of the desert and just sit back and reflect. Escape for a while in the Bahia gardens, admiring the golden dome and beautiful gardens. Hire a bike and take a slow and steady cycle along the sidewalks in Tayelet, perhaps stop on one of the picturesque beaches along the way for a cool drink and take in the sea air.



The main reason is probably like anyone else, to visit Niagara Falls. To take in those spectacular sights and the sounds of crashing thunder made by the water is a once in a lifetime experience. Maybe then fuel that with the beauty of butterflies at the Niagara Parks Conservatory. Definitely one on my bucket list. I want to see the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal for breath taking views and to marvel at the craftsmanship of the carvings and details within. Perhaps visit Lake Louise, enjoy the jewelled hues of the water at sunrise and experience a small slice of the calm Canadian Rockies before a trek towards Peyto Lake for even more striking scenery.


New York

I wanna be a part of it, New York, New York. I want to experience the city that never sleeps and hail a yellow cab to take me to central park. Spend a small fortune in Macy’s and Bloomingdales. See the Rockerfeller tree at Christmas and sing Auld Lang Syne with the residents of this incredible place. I want to walk the streets and find the perfect coffee blend, eat until I almost burst and find the best hot dog in town.



A stunning city, oozing extravagance and richness; It would be a dream come true to visit Monaco and watch the Grand Prix, champagne in hand and the sun beaming down. A Hamilton win of course leading us to celebrate in the Monte Carlo Casino after dining at Le Louis XV by none other than Alain Ducasse of course. Soothing sore heads in the morning from drinkning too much fine wine the night before, followed up with a trip to the harbor and lounging around, listening to the waves crashing along the edge while picking out which yacht we would like to buy. A spot of shopping at Le Metropole Shopping Center, not forgetting a trip to Lauderee for macarons, maybe even take a day trip to Nice for a sunny walk along the cobbled streets. A satisfying way to spend a weekend.


Street walking amidst the mid way restoration of crumbling buildings and cafes, feeling right at home passing by the classic cars lining the roads, finding an interesting looking restaurant with a table outside for a cold beer to sit back and take in the sights, smells and sounds of Old Havana. An evening visit to Plaza de la Catedral to experience the 17th Century elegance that Havana has to offer, learn of the legend of why the towers are asymmetrical and bask in the beauty of the beams lit up in the moonlight. Trinidad, the untouched tracks bearing 500 year old architecture boasting bright colours, beautiful beaches and breath taking borders. Cuba’s answer to Barcelona’s Parc Guell makes Fusterlandia another place to visit on my bucket list. Jose Fuster’s mosaic neighbourhood; twists and turns of quirky wonderment and the opportunity to take home a handmade piece by the resident artist. The El Nicho Waterfalls will be a must have to cool off under the beaming sun and allowing me to pluck up the courage to jump off one of the cliffs into the clear blue water. Perhaps a refreshing swim in the natural beauty of Saturno Cave might do the trick. Of course, you couldn’t leave Cuba having not visited the Mausoleo del Che Guevara, the respectful monument made for the man himself.

It goes without saying that I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the likes to see and experience. The list goes on and on however, I want to visit Amsterdam and walk over as many of the bridges as possible, Berlin for the magical markets at Christmas time, Moscow to experience the extravagance of the Kremlin with my own eyes, walk the Inca Trail in Peru, go on a safari adventure in Kenya, sip Starbucks in Seattle, live la vida loca in Las Vegas even just for one night, a romantic gondola ride through the watery lanes of Venice, devour a Tuscan banquet in Tuscany and don’t be stingy on the wine, drink Guinness in Dublin, live life in luxury in Bali, Mauritius or the Maldives… There is just so much of the world to see and learn on this beautiful planet.
Have you got your next trip booked?

I’d love to hear about your favourite adventures of if you have done anything I’ve mentioned above.

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