Awesome Invitations: When You Only Have To Send The Best for your Guest!*

With the advent of paperless invitations and email, we often forget the personal touch of sending out proper invitations. So as not to lose the art of writing completely, let’s look at some of the times when I think it’s absolutely necessary to send out invitations. There is an array of beautiful stationery out there to choose from. And personally sending invites shows that you are an organised, well mannered and a pretty awesome person all round.

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 Milestones Birthdays

Some people shy away from birthday parties, but as an adult, you’ll generally celebrate a few with a big party. These are usually 18th, 21st and 30th. Maybe 40 or 50 too unless you’ve been shaving off the years every so often! For big milestone birthday’s it’s really nice to send out invitations. Don’ forget to include an RSVP by date on your invite, so you can get a head count in for any catering or drinks/food you’re buying yourself. Add a dress code if you want to, and even a song request option so you can put together a favourites playlist on the night. 

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Save The Date Wedding

As soon as you’ve booked in your wedding date and venue, you need to sort out your guest list. This can be one of the most stressful parts of organising a wedding. Often there just isn’t enough space to cater for everyone you want there plus partners and children. But once you have your final guest list, it’s best to send out Save the Date wedding invites. These are pre-wedding invitations that are really useful to send. It means your guests can pop the date in their diary long before you’ve chosen your actual wedding invites. People often get booked up around summer and Christmas time, so make sure to send these out as early as possible. Six months before is a good guideline. Go for a bright, fun and catchy invitation. These don’t have to match your wedding theme, as they are just a date reminder card. Just make sure to put ‘formal invitation to follow’ at the bottom of the card!

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House Move Announcement

Not so much an invitation, but a notification of an address change. Lots of people don’t bother with these, but I find them really useful. Suppose Great Aunt Nora sends you £50 in the post to your old address and you never get it? There goes your wine fund for the weekend! They’re great for older relatives and relatives/friends that live abroad. Lots of people still keep written diaries and address books and like to have this information logged. A text may feel ok, but a House Move Announcement card looks much more put together. And who knows, you may receive lots of housewarming cards back! There’s an array of websites that offer cute personalisation and will send to you in batches of 10 or 20.

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Brand/Product Launch

Lastly, if you are celebrating a new business or are launching a product, it’s crucial to send out sleek and chic invitations for a launch party. Not only is this a great way to get your product noticed, but an intimate party will provide tonnes of networking opportunities. Send your invites to other similar small businesses in the area and PR companies that you think would be interested in attending. Make the invitation stand out with statement artwork and easy-to-read details. Have fun with your invite and build some serious excitement for your brand. The invite should reflect what you want your brand to say. Also, exceptionally pretty invitations often get Instagrammed, which means more free coverage for your brand.

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  1. I like sending out written invites, no matter what the occasion. From a get together with friends to a special celebration, and there’s something uplifting about receiving a proper invite, hand written and sent through the post. Old fashioned maybe, but the personal touch is, quite simply, a special touch. Lets not lose the art of personal communication, hand written letters, or invites, on gorgeous stationary – long may they continue.

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