Candy Kittens #SweetSquad Launch | Bens Canteen, Battersea

After many cryptic tweets about what happened on Friday 19th August on my Twitter about my secret rendez vouz in Battersea, London; I can finally reveal what all the fuss has been about.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a brand on Instagram who told me they loved my profile and it was just the kind of thing they were looking for for their upcoming project. I won’t lie to you, I questioned it and had to check my messages again the next morning after id woken up to believe that it was real and they did actually mean to send it to me! It goes without saying, I jumped at the chance and grabbed that opportunity with both hands, it was too good to turn down. A few weeks passed and more information was received via email from the brand about what we (me and 49 other lovely girlies) would be expected to do as ambassadors. Words could not describe how strange I felt saying out loud exactly what I would be doing and who I would be collaborating with. Tell me 12 months ago even after running Sherry Scribbles for 6 months that I would be travelling to London to meet Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea to work alongside the Candy Kittens team and I’d have laughed at you. That is however, exactly what happened.

It was an early start, 5AM in fact. I was up, ready and raring to go by 6:15 with Nikita and we were on the motorway heading for Battersea to meet the others at Ben’s Canteen (which is amazing by the way!) for the official launch of #SweetSquad. Greeted by the team from HQ and shown to our seats, the table covered end to end in personalised Candy Kittens boxes, Aloe Vera water and orange juice. A light box behind me displaying the words ‘Treat Yo’self’ and Jamie, front and centre taking photos with his new squad with a custom made Candy Kittens frame. I think I was still pinching myself even then, it was a surreal moment but an exciting one at that too. To then meet some of the girls I’d been chatting to for the past few weeks about this project and it all finally coming to light, we had a chat (because they are all about chatting) and a Q&A about the brand and their goals and were then treated to breakfast.

Ben’s Canteen have given me a new love in life – the breakfast burrito. OH EM GEE was that thing tasty! Next time I’m in London, I will be making a special trip to go back there. The venue was quirky as was the menu, the staff were attentive and the food was delicious. Thank you for hosting us all guys!

There was literally things cracking off all over the place, the Braid Bar was there giving some of the girls a sleek new look for the day, Rinkoff provided some of their amazing cronuts – a croissant / doughnut – yes, they are as good as they sound. We even had a visit and the opportunity to talk with Kate from TheGlowEdit not forgetting to get in on her snapchat too.

It was a seriously cool day and I still cannot get over the fact the team chose my Instagram as one of their 50 in 50,000. I feel so lucky and so excited to be working with the brand and cant wait for the next opportunity with them. A thank you kind of goes without saying but seriously guys, thank you so much!

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  1. I haven’t watched your blog yet (shame on me – I will be doing!) but this all sounds so exciting. Meeting Jamie Lang must have been surreal. I’m so enjoying your blog and channel grow, and you going to these amazing events. Good on you Sherry – just goes to show that when you hustle hard…xx

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