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As a child you probably had a tonne of hobbies, but when you get older it can be difficult to fit them in. You might not feel like you’re good at anything, or you might worry that you don’t have the time when you have so many other things to juggle in your life. But having fulfilling and enjoyable hobbies is so important; it gives you productive things to do in your spare time, keeps you busy and in some cases it could even earn you a bit of extra money. If you’re looking to get into something new but don’t know where to start, here are a few things to consider!
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Creative Hobbies You Can Do At Home

These kinds of creative hobbies can be done right from the comfort of your home, this is especially good if you don’t have much time or don’t have childcare. You can get cracking on your little projects when the kids are at school or in bed, and the good thing about creative hobbies is that you will have a finished product at the end to enjoy. You could consider knitting, cross stitch, sewing, baking, painting, scrapbooking, photography, gardening or blogging. They’re a fantastic, enjoyable way to spend time- while some will require some materials to get started there are others that you could probably do immediately with the things you have on hand. Once you get good at your chosen craft, you could open an Etsy store and sell some of your pieces, or sell them over Gumtree or Facebook. In the case of blogging, you may eventually start being contacted by different companies for advertising which can earn you a little bit of money. Not that money has to be any motivation for trying these enjoyable things, but it’s certainly a perk of the hobby!

Learn a Musical Instrument

The good thing about learning a musical instrument as a hobby is you could either go to a class, have a tutor come to you or buy/ hire some equipment and teach yourself from online tutorials. If you’ve always dreamed of playing an instrument it’s worth knowing that you’re never too old to learn. Take the piano for example, this article states how many people start playing later in life and are able to get extremely good at it. It’s a rewarding hobby that can even relieve stress, plus you get to create gorgeous music for yourself, friends and family to enjoy. Picture it at Christmas time playing carols and surrounded by twinkling lights- beautiful! You will probably need to look into piano hire especially in the early days, since buying one outright can be expensive. But if you do decide the hobby is for you, it’s a great investment as well as something that will be a stunning feature in your home.

Start a Sport or Fitness Activity

Along with the fact you’ll have fun and learn new things, sport and fitness hobbies have the added bonus of improving your health too! You could join a sports team or attend a weekly exercise class in something fun. Decide on whether you want to do something as part of a team or just on your own, and whether you’d prefer to do it on set days and times or just whenever you feel like it/ get the chance. For example most sporting groups will have set meeting times, you get the social aspect and the chance to meet new people with similar interests. Although it does mean you have to be available on certain days and times each week. Doing an activity alone such as swimming or jogging means you can do it whenever you get a free stretch of time, although you don’t have the added bonus of people motivating you. It’s just whichever works best for you personally, based on what you hope to get out of the activity and the kind of free time you have.

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