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Very recently I attended the first Bloggers Breakfast hosted by Johnny Loves Rosie located in the Mailbox in Birmingham, when the invite landed in my inbox, I couldn’t quite believe they wanted me to be there to celebrate this amazing opportunity with them. Being a brand I personally love, I jumped at the chance to meet the maker and the beautiful range of accessories that they have to offer.

It was also my first ever event in Birmingham and I was super excited but also super nervous as there were a couple of other bloggers going that I have been following for the best part of a year and I honestly felt a bit ‘small-fry’ but I needn’t have worried as everyone was just so lovely and I got to meet some new bloggers too.

Welcomed to a long table adorned with flowers, name places and a gorgeous pink and white box for each of us lucky bloggers, I took my seat and began to introduce myself and network with the others. We had the opportunity to talk to Victoria, the owner of the brand and learn all about the Johnny Loves Rosie Story.

A soya latte and a smoked salmon breakfast later, I made my way over to the product table to admire some of the stunning accessories; making a mental note of potential purchases for when I got home.


Coming soon to AW/16 are the personalised clutch bags which you can even D.I.Y at home. I cannot wait for these to go live on their website, you can bet I’ll be one of the first to get my hands on one of these. You can see a sneak preview of one in my vlog by clicking here or watching it at the end of this post!

Some of their pretty watches were present on the table and I fell in love with the monochrome stripy strap number, with my love for stripes ever present in my style recently, this was right up my street and definitely something I can see myself wearing daily. There were of course a number of others, a pretty in pink glitter and a floral faced beauty with a nude strap for days when your look is a little more subtle but you still want a hint of colour. A number of Ariana-esque cat ear headbands graced the table too some with lace, some with feathers and some with sparkles. My favourite piece was this gorgeous silver leaf headband which I couldn’t quite get on with having worn my hair down that day, it kept getting stuck whilst I was trying it on. It’s a versatile piece which can be worn a number of ways although I think it would work better with hair up in a messy bun to add a bit of glamour to it.


It was a perfect morning, breakfast was delicious, the company was fantastic and the products were gorgeous and I thank Johnny Loves Rosie and the team wholeheartedly for inviting me along to be part of their first event with them.

Whilst I was in the area, I followed up on an invitation I received a few weeks ago from Aluna which is also located in the Mailbox. A cocktail bar which has been fast making a name for itself as the Harry Potter of Cocktails! There really is some wizardry and magic cracking off in this place, just looking at all the bottles and potions behind the bar are you enter are enough to take you into another realm completely. It’s a bloggers dream too, the amount of rose gold and copper lining the walls and tables. It’s a very instagrammable place! Also, they invite guests to take a selfie with their Angel Wing wall using their special Aluna filter in Snapchat too. (I am such an idiot and didn’t save mine L) It’s a popular attraction especially amongst us ladies who want to fulfil our dream of being a Victoria’s Secret Model even just for a moment.


Having asked the magician behind the bar what his recommendation was, he said ‘Lava Lamp’ was one of their best sellers and an astounded look on my face must have confirmed that as a yes and he continued to concoct a number of elements together to make lava and more to make the ‘lamp’ before mixing together and literally making a drinkable lava lamp. Crazy huh!


It went down a little too easy for 12:30 in the afternoon on a Friday but nonetheless, I wanted to taste more off the menu. I was then recommended the Asian Infusion which has to be the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever drank as well as being the most spectacular. Again, I was treated to a chemistry lesson here watching the alchemist at work infusing green tea and plenty of gin with fruit and herbs and spices. Watching the liquid rise and fall and bubble and boil before being poured into what turned into a smoking cauldron. What a spectacle!


It was heavy to carry so I’d recommend ordering this for you table, the good thing is too that you wont miss a trick (literally) as they will demonstrate how its made at your table for you. Queue jealous on lookers as you become the venues smoke machine for 5 minutes… Just to let you know too. This cocktail retails at £22 which is extremely good value for money in my opinion. It is made for 2 people (although I drank it all on my own!) but you get a lot in there and it is quite generous on the gin front too.

I genuinely cannot wait to make a reservation at Aluna to try out the food and make my way through the rest of the cocktails on the menu – they even do sorbet cocktails! I can highly recommend Aluna as the place to go when on a night out in Birmingham. Cocktails as crazy as you like, a quirky venue in itself and normal prices – most are around the £8 mark.


Well done Aluna, you really have raised the bar… Thank you so much for inviting me and I cant wait to make a return trip soon.

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