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Very recently, the female population has gone a bit mad over a particular item of jewellery with thanks to Holly Willoughby and her glamourous style. She recently sported a beautiful and very shiny necklace made up of 2 sixpence coins bonded together to create this stunning piece.

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Much like everyone else, I too fell in love and had to get my hands on one. I trawled the internet and found loads of replicas, some very cheap and some on the more pricy side but even then they were still not the real thing.

Then I came across Natural Amber. Although this necklace was five times the amount of some that I saw, they had a very good reason to be. Natural Amber source some of the finest and best condition genuine British sixpence coins to use in their spectacular necklaces. Team this with the hours of hand made labour that goes in to each and every one of them and you have a one of a kind, handmade stunning bit of jewellery, prominently displaying the detail and intricate design that adorns each one. Not to mention the amazing hand polished sheen you can only get from a real coin, not quite the same as any other material. It is hung on an 18 inch chain which, in my opinion, it the perfect length as it sits in just the right place on the chest without being too heavy or imposing.

There is also something about being able to have a part of British history on your person. If you sit down and think about all the transactions these coins have been through over the years, all the hands it has passed through, the journey these coin have been on and now I get to wear that heritage around my neck every day.

The British Sixpence is considered to be very lucky. It used to be hidden in Christmas puddings and whoever found it in their piece would have good luck until the next Christmas and of course, the equivalent of a days labour back then in their pocket. Although, the most famous reason behind the luck of a sixpence is within the old wedding “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her show.” Traditionally, the father of the bride would place a sixpence inside the shoe of the bride to bring the couple health, happiness and prosperity.

I love a good tradition and I am a sucker for getting my hands on anything that might boost my luck a little bit and its even better when in jewellery form as fashionable as this.

We all like replicating celeb style and this is a very easy and stunning way to do so. It can transform an outfit and on a number of occasions for me, has been a talking point with people asking me about it and complimenting its beauty. It’s a timeless piece and can be both subtle and statement due to its simplicity and beauty.

I can highly recommend purchasing yours from Natural Amber. Although it’s a little more than you might pay for one from Claires Accessories or H. Samuel, it is an investment and one that I believe will hold its value in years to come. I can already see myself passing this down to my daughter (if/when I have one) and hopefully become my own family heirloom.

I would suggest to get yourself some silver polish to keep that gorgeous shine on it, there is nothing quite like a bright shiny necklace glistening in the sunlight, catching peoples eye as you walk by.

If you are inspired by the likes of Holly Willoughby, Michelle Keegan, Denise van Outen, Jess Wright, Lydia Bright, Billie & Sam Faiers, Lauren Pope, Alex Jones, Nicola Mclean or Jorgie Porter, you need to get yourself one of these. Its really tough to explain how beautiful this necklace truly is, I love mine and I spend an extra few seconds in the mirror each morning admiring it.

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