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Sometimes, its nice to have the branding as bold as your brows and Benito know what they are doing when it comes to that. 

With a striking orange logo against a black background, they are not to be missed. You can find them in select House of Fraser and Debenhams stores throughout the UK however this particular story starts in Derby, 8 years ago when Benito was but a stall in what is now the inTU centre and has rapidly grew, now gracing most of the Debenhams beauty floors within the midlands and this is where I was on Thursday evening.

Benito held a lovely event to spread the word and share the wow with their fantastic team creating incredible brows. I was the demonstration for the evening with a number of other local bloggers watching my every flinch as the technician threaded my brows into shape.

 I’ve had my eyebrows threaded once before, and that was to help someone train how to do it. I can’t stand waxing and tend to stick to tweezing the regrowth myself. I have always put threading off too simply because the majority of places are, like Benito used to be, out in the open on a stall where all passers-by can see you. Not the best either if you are getting your upper lip done! It can lead to some embarrassment and anxiety and lead to us looking like Chewbacca so I can only imagine the move into one of the UK’s most reputable stores has done Benito the world of good and created more custom for the shy ones amongst us. 

Now, onto the treatment itself and after my brow makeup was removed. I was a little apprehensive of the pain threading was going to cause me but once she got to work it was fine. Its like paintballing. You are on edge because you don’t know how much its going to hurt, right up to the point you get shot and then you realise, its not so bad and every shot after hurts less and less. That is the best way I can describe threading. 

The first pull, a slight shock and then you get used to it. Of course, you are left with redness and a slight plumpness but the team apply some aloe vera gel afterwards to both close the open area and soothe the sting. I was the presented with a mirror to see the outcome and I can see why ‘Share the Wow’ is one of their mottos. Here I am sharing mine.

Top image is before, my brows were mishapen and one was a lot more ‘bushy’, the bottom image is my after results.

 I was so impressed with the shape and the sheer symmetry they achieved and although I was unable to colour them for 24 hours (to avoid any infection of the newly opened follicles) I was so impressed

Not only did Benito provide us bloggers with a golden glittery flute of the good stuff, they also had branded cupcakes and goodie bags for us all to take away with us. They were so generous and I cannot wait to go back for my next appointment and have them tinted to this time (might I add, you need to have a skin text 48 hours prior to any tinting appointment).

Inside the goodie bag was a voucher for a free threading treatment. There was also a luxury sized sample of the Thierry Mugler Alien Concentrate which is INCREDIBLE. I love this scent anyway after having it one year as a gift, however the concentrate is so much stronger and you literally need the tiniest amount. A great investment! A small vial of the Bottega Venetia perfume which has now made its way onto my shopping list (thanks Debenhams!) was included along with a Benito branded notepad (perfect for bloggers and a very clever advertising tool! Well done Benito!), a branded keyring, a branded and very orange bath bomb, a toffee crisp (because that too is bright orange!) and some sweets!
So, if you are thinking about getting your brows done soon and you find yourself with 5 minutes, head in to your nearest House of Fraser of Debenhams and give the Benito Brow Bar a try. Even better, they do more than just brows. They also other facial threading, waxing, tinting and eyelashes as well as offers on multiple purchases. You are in safe hands with the team too, they are super knowledgable, super friendly and super experienced! 

*Thank you to Benito in Debenhams Derby InTU Centre for hosting the event. 

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