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2016 has been dubbed #YearoftheBrow by Benefit Cosmetics this year and rightly so, this is the year I have been religiously applying my eyebrows each morning, switching up my usual mantra of ‘Do not leave without mascara’ to ‘Do not leave without brows’. I wonder now how I ever did.

I haven’t exactly been blessed in the brow department, born blonde and with relatively fair skin my fuzzy frowners are almost non-existent. Although I am informed I have a great brow bone and shape, without applying some colour they are invisible and have you ever seen those silly meme’s of celebrities without eyebrows… pretty scary! So, when the Benefit Cosmetics counter based in John Lewis in the into Victoria Centre in Nottingham invited me to try out the new range before it goes on sale to the public… I was like ‘try and stop me‘!

As like everyone else and partly the reason for Benefits success, aside from the fact the products are AMAZING, I am a sucker for pretty packaging and a good old play on words. I could not contain my excitement when after months of anticipation, Benefit Cosmetics posted this photo on their Instagram page showing off the beautiful new brow collection. *cue millions of heart eye emoji’s*

Are they not just the most beautiful eyebrow products you ever did see? I love the sleek silver look of these, they would fit right at home on the dresser of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to be honest, they would fit right at home on anyones dresser and make it look super stylish.

So, lets start with my Brow Dilemna, as I mentioned before, they are pretty much non-existent without filling them in so I was looking for a natural brow with a high arch and a darker colour. Nothing too bold as even a minimalist look makes them stand out. Let’s get this before photo out of the way quickly eh? Bring on the purple circles, invisibrows and uneven toned skin…

After I finished doing heart eyes myself and Jo had described all the new products to me, we picked out some of the products to use for my ultimate BeneMakeover! For the brows, we opted for the Precisely My Brow Pencil in Shade 3, 3D Browtones and highlighting with the High Brow pencil, all after using the Conditioning Primer of course. 

Jo mapped out my brows using the Brow Mapping tool created especially for these wonderful products and marked out where my brows should begin, arch and end to create the perfect shape for my face. A swipe over with the Browvo! Conditioning Primer, a nutrient rich primer for fuller looking brows. Not only does this little miracle help your hard work stay out, it also boosts hair growth too with thanks to the Keratin & Soy Protein! The applicator itself is a soft flexible plastic with mini bristles to allow the product to be combed through the fine hairs smoothly. 

Following that, Jo created the shape of my brow with the Precisely My Brow Pencil and began to fill it in. The great thing about this product is that it comes with a brush hidden inside the other end to help you create that perfect shape. 

Goof Proof is another new pencil within this range and the nib is fine enough to be able to draw individual looking hairs so if you want an ombré brow, a feather brow or a solid brow this is the pencil for you. 
Next up the 3D Browtones. Basically, it looks like a mascara but it creates natural looking highlights and different tones to the hairs of your eyebrows to blend in with the natural look of the hair on your head. A fantastic creation for those who like a natural looking day-to-day brow and perfect to match brows to barnet after a holiday! 

Finally, one of my favourite products has had a mini makeover, the High Brow. The BEST highlighter I have ever used to define the arches and extend the tail. They have created a ‘glow‘ version now too, perfect to add a little shimmer for nights out. 

I absolutely love the transformation between my before brows and after wows, a perfect day-to-day brow which can be built up for a bolder night time look with a touch up of Ka Brow, the new cream-gel brow colour and High Brow Glow for an incredible arch. 

Jo finished off my look with more of my favourite products, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, I think in a shade darker than I normally go for too (all thanks to my holiday tan!) topped with the Hello Flawless Powder, Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush. A neutral/gold shade on my eyelids, a slightly winged fine eyeliner using the They’re Real Push Up Liner (I have nightmares about using this product!) finished with the They’re Real Primer & Mascara in Brown to make those lashes POP. Not to mention that beautiful highlight from with thanks to Shy Beam

The best part of this blog is the next sentence. 

You can get your hands on these NOW!!! Yes that is right, you can head into John Lewis in Nottingham and grab these beauts. You can order them online from tomorrow too so get your basket ready to click Buy Now! Even better is that the new products come in 6 different shades instead of 3 so they can really suit everybody now and if you are unsure, why not pop in for a trial of them and see what you think. Everyone’s favourite, Browzings, even has 3 new shades too! 

A huge thank you once again to the team at Benefit for having me and giving me a BeneMakeover, I felt a million bucks leaving the store and can’t wait to pop in and spend way too much money on all of these fantastic products. 

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